100 Reasons Why I Blog

There are at least 100 reasons why I love this.

None more important than another.

By way of full disclosure, I share them now with you.

1) I am a Christian.  And deeply flawed.  All my companions are more perfected in Him than I am.  Their weaknesses are better ones to have.  It is lonely. He knows what is in me.  Pretending does no good.

2) He loves me where I am.  He loves others the same.  You don’t clean up to take a shower. You can’t be good enough; and He already loves you.  No one in my real life needs to hear it. I dream that someone would hear and it would matter.

3) Adoption: the world needs to be reminded that there is more than one way to become a family.  Since I can’t tell the world.  I tell the blog.

4) Prejudice: I am the world’s worst choice for this assignment.  I lack eloquence and fail to control my emotions.  But I have to figure out how to model for my kids not to sit by and watch wrong.  Maybe I will grow as a result.

5) I parent teenage girls.  Happy Halloween.

6) I homeschool.  Sort of.  I loved it in the beginning, in the face of the fantasy that the fire would be lit and they would love to learn.  Either I am a failure or some people just aren’t about school.  They are obviously seriously smart.  But could give a @#$% about academics I never ever ever say this, but: #EPICFAIL

7) We live in an historic neighborhood.  We believed the hype.  Laugh along with everyone else.

8) I want to write.

9) I want to make people laugh without meaning to.

10) I blog because I have to keep the discussion about boys and so forth, open.  I tell you what I want to say, and I tell them what I ought to say.

11) Because I remember being 15.

12) Because you remember being 15.

13) Because boys are still being made the same way.

14) Because these girls think they are the boss of me and not the other way around.

15) Because they don’t get that the clothes in music videos aren’t meant to be worn in real life.

16) Because I’m pretty sure my chin hair can now be called a beard,

17) except now it’s silver and I’m too far sighted to see them to pluck them.

18) Shut up.

19) Because sometimes the grace has grit.

20) Sometimes there is rage.

21) Sometimes a story that must be told.

22) Sometimes it’s too funny to keep to myself

23) Because One Direction, Tom Daley and Benedict Cumberbatch are my daughters’  Duran Duran, Rob Lowe , and Kevin Costner.

24) Because sometimes the accident is the Design.

25) Because I can’t keep my opinions to myself.

26) Because by the time you know how to avoid the pitfalls of high school, you’re watching someone who has to make their own mistakes.

27) Because Second Chapters are sometimes a real thing.

28) Sometimes they are a nice way to say: Last Chance.

29) Because I am tired of listening to the neighbors’ grandson scream insults at her at 7 a.m.

30) He’s 8.

31) because it costs $10 a head to go to the movies.

32) and where did Blockbuster go anyway.

33) They had a good long run.

34)  Netflix seems expensive.  Am I wrong?

35) Because I think Brad would have stayed with Jen, but Angie might carry a knife.  Because I’m all conspiracy theorist like that.

36)  Because I don’t drink.

37)  Or smoke.

38) Or chew.

39) Or go with girls who do.

40) Because gas is %@#$ near $4/gal.

41) Because life is not always funny.

42) But it deserves to be laughed at.

43) Because…Pinterest.

44) Because Justin Bieber is not a poet. Starving…Girl, Please.  Homeless? Just what every parent wants for their child.

45) Because I can say it.

46) You can read it.

47) Or not.

48) Like it.

49) Or not.

50) Because it’s cheap therapy.

51) Cheap hobby.

52) Cheap vacation.

53) Because it is a mirror.  I see myself in what I write. Like it. Or not.

54) Because when the power falls, there will be a journal, diary, log, or record of the path it took to get there.

55) A private closet of writings, rantings, and rejoicings.

56) A who’s who of my choice for my tribe when the electricity goes out.

57) I blog because I have opinions.

58) Because I was told by those who loved me.

59) and those who didn’t actually know me.

60) They thought I should write.

61) Because my life is permanently located between a Rock and a hard place.

62) I am addicted to coffee, a silly child’s video game, and this.

63) Because anyone can come to the party.

64) Hey, I like a party!

65) Especially one that I don’t have to wear a bra to!

66) Because…Jennifer,

67) Dumb Mom,

68) Shell,

69) The Empress,

70) Mama Kat,

71) SITS,

72) Franny Bolsa

73) Esther

74) Carrie

75) Because it’s fun for me like hiking is fun for people who hike.

76) Like housecleaning is fun for Martha Stewart.

77) Because there is no encouragement like being received at face value.

78) Because sometimes the song on the radio is the dirtiest thing I’ve heard read. In public.

79) And people still call those performers, “artists”.

80) Even the blog’s silence is a comfort.

81) at least it’s out of my head.

82) Because try as I might, I am not clever enough to stay hidden.

83) Cyberstalker and IRL friends read regularly.

84) I’m pretty sure I’m okay with that.

85) Because if Kim Kardashian worked at the bank, she’d be “that big boned gal with the ‘stache that always gives the best service in the lobby”.

86) Politics.

87) Literature.

88) Current events.

89) What’s for freaking dinner already?

90) Because watching children not do their schoolwork leaves a part of my brain unoccupied.  In a bad way.

91) Because…commenting.

92) Because it’s a strange kind of truth serum that checks me before I hit publish.

93) Because Fall, Football, Thank Y’all, and Deck the Hall.

94) Because people used to tell me they knew I’d go far.

95) Now there’s no one to even tell me my pants make my ass look big.

96) Because the world has changed since I was a kid.  Not for the good.

97) Because my kids are hilarious and this stuff is too good not to share.

98) I blog because I can enjoy sharing with others who are like me or learn about those who aren’t.

99) I blog because I can see the world from the pages of a… no, wait.  Sorry, Levar.

100) No, seriously, Brad and Angie–tell me I’m not the only one who sees this?


  1. I’m rolling on the floor. And nodding my head. And giving and AMEN to 5, 16, 24, 27, 28, 50 and 96. Ahhhh heck – I AMEN them all. I’m glad you blog.

  2. You are not the only one who sees this. I loved your list!

  3. coby eldridge says:

    YOU are inspiring…I want a blog!! seriously.

  4. Seriously, Blockbuster’s disappearance has completely changed my life. NOT for the better. There are so many reasons why I like blogging, not sure I’m creative to come up with more than, say, 20.

  5. This is absolutely brilliant! I wish I were funny enough, smart enough, creative enough to come up with a list like this one! Some of my favorites are #’s 5-9, 41 & 42, and the Kim Kardashian one had me cracking up!

  6. PS I posted this to my facebook fan page, it was too funny/great not to share!

  7. Because……Pinterest and commenting – yes. Also, the writing, the people, the craziness yet not really crazy blogging world. Great list!

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