Still Not Needed

The task of posting everyday is daunting.

No more than the task of getting up everyday to go again.

To go at a world that says, “No, thank you,” to what you offer.

Can I help?  “No, thank you.”

Or the much more rejecting, “Sure.”

Then leaving you to sit while they utilize others.

Certainly, there is another type of rejection where you’re good enough to do the sweeping up, but isn’t interested in your mind.

Not interested enough to think you have something to contribute to the conversation.

There was a woman whom I didn’t want to get caught.

She’d monopolize your moments.

Obviously, aware you’d like to be across the room, in class or out the door.

Seldom with anything common to share.

Forcing you to walk away.

I’ve become her… and at a spectacularly much earlier age and so much easier to walk away from.




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