A Little Early Morning Goofiness

She had a bad day yesterday.  Working off  mess that I made for her.  She won’t let me own it, but the mess is my fault.   She’s not feeling good, and she dropped that brand new birthday phone in the bubble bath (a modern day “you’ll shoot your eye out”).  So this is her…


Desperately Daring

Divinely Absurd

Rockingly Nervy

Shockingly Curved

Milk Drinker

Heart Sinker

Electrical Flirt

Book Reader

Race Leader

Rage in a Skirt

Floral Pistol

Choral Crystal

Choreography Notes

Contagiously Silly

Scandalously Chilly

Little girl in a big girl Boat

Turns a page

Warm and smiling

Sips her tea

with a style

shares a cookie

without thinking

leans her head back

starts to dream

wonder what

caused the tear to race into the corner of her smile.


 Well, anyway, Grrr, there’s nowhere to go but up.  Hope you can forgive me.




  1. Emma S. says:

    I absolutely forgive you momma!!! Love you lots:) You are the best mom ever!!!!!!! PERIOD.

  2. jwilliams057 says:

    She’s a good girl because of you. Not in spite of.

  3. Carolyn Kohler says:

    I feel life on the edge of the heart. Have the courage to be real. Life is hard and so beautiful. Too beautiful to live it unaware. Love your words

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