A Million to One

That was not what I meant to say….

Let’s try this.

A million decaf generic cups of tea…or one properly brewed earl grey of any brand in a mug that just fits your hand on a rainy Saturday night?

A million bite size pieces of Halloween candy…or one 1 oz. square of smooth dark chocolate. To be consumed with no one asking you for some? Or talking.

A million out of shape, faded, t-shirts that are last year’s must have…or one timeless classic white blouse you bought at consignment for $8 four years ago?

A million cups of Folger’s…or one cup of carefully brewed, fair trade Kenya AA.  With a friend who laughs at your jokes and appreciates coffee?  You know who you are.

A million pair of stretchy, so-rejected-they-sold-for-$4-new-on-the-clearance-rack jeans or one pair that fits and feels like they did in high school?  We may have different answers to this question if you are under 35.

A million pair of flip-flops or one pair Enzo Angiolini loafers?  If you haven’t had the pleasure, imagine Leo DiCaprio rubbing your feet all day.

A million Disney movies…or one movie with Anthony Hopkins as the good gu or Johnny Depp as the bad guy?

A million high school football games or one college football game on a gold, red, and orange autumn day?  Win or lose.

A million episodes of How I Met Your Mother…or one episode of Taxi?

A million days next to the municipal pool…or one day on a sugar white beach?

A million good books or one that haunts your soul?

A million hundred bunch of dates or one that gives you goosebumps?

A million cats or one dog?  I realize this is a non item.

A million fans screaming your name or one person who’d give their life for yours?

A million lot of kids or one(s) God gave me?

A million sq.ft. or 1500 with a good life and health and friends and job?

A million dollar body or one healthy heart and mind?

A million McDonald’s hamburgers or one steak at the steakhouse?

A million bottles of expensive wine, or the one budget friendly bottle you split with your husband on your 35th anniversary?

A million dollar home or the one you brought your first baby home to?

A million of the world’s greatest teachers or the one who taught you how to read?

A million once in a lifetime moments few people will ever experience or one chance to re-live that moment?  Same or different.

Yeah, I know, the McDonald’s one doesn’t work because I don’t have to make that choice.  And the cat one doesn’t work because the cat people would say,”Yeah!!!”, but the dog people would, too.

There is a time for everything.  A time for honor.  A time for funky. Both are richer for the appropriate observance of the other.  Learning to distinguish the noble from the humble is possibly one more developmental task.  To distinguish the richness of experience from the common, is much talked about, but little acted upon.  But to make everyday quality…  This is what we are here for.







  1. Love it.

  2. I stopped by to say hey. You probably know me as Lucy. 🙂 Or no. Either way, LOVE your blog. I’ll be back…not in a creeper way though. That’s not cool.

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