About Me

In late 2009, I discovered blogging as we were in the midst of the adoption of our son.  I only looked at a handful before I found the “blogs I follow” in the sidebar and began looking at other blogs.  It turned out that there was more to blogging than adoption.

At first, I didn’t realize what a niche was and fell in with crafters for awhile.  They are a preciously nurturing lot, but eventually I realized I didn’t belong there.

Then, without naming names, I fell in love.

A lot of times.  Close together.

Almost like that one girl in high school…

I digress.

I’ve always told myself stories in my head.  I love Christian essays and stories about serial killers.

I make my friends laugh; frequently, it’s on purpose.

Our life is different.  Our family looks different.  God put us together differently.  On purpose.

I have words, no grammar or punctuation, just words.

I have a husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, one old house.

And words.