Back to Normal

Is a devastatingly attractive thing.

Especially if you are living anywhere in the neighborhood of normal.

But what if you reside so far from normal that your kids have never even seen it in pictures,

And the road map you own is of no possible use anymore because it has changed so much since you were there last.

What if it’s only something you’ve heard about from others.

What if you are hearing it on TV from people who can’t manage their own.  Lives.

Is it white counters and spills only large enough to be covered by your hand.

Is it reeeeally 19% body fat and aftermarket glutes?

You know, we’ve been seeing that middle class family who can’t make ends meet in today’s economy for so long, that like childhood obesity and the war–they just aren’t news. (The war should be news.  No ones talking about it.)

Show me once, a happy family.  They get up.  Do their jobs.  Keep a budget. And accept responsibility when they don’t.  (Meaning that they don’t behave as if they’re entitled to luxuries and when they splurge on those things, they make the sacrifice in some other area.  Case closed.)

Show me once, a single gal who graduated college and is working a job and paying mom and dad rent (because that’s practical), driving her little sister to ballet; who’d like to be married, but not so much that she’d date just anyone.  And sometimes,  she’s simply lonely.  But she lives it because she’s doesn’t believe in kissing every toad til she finds a prince.

Show me a kid who doesn’t like school who doesn’t quit, but instead goes to work with the tools he has.  HANDS-ON.  And before he gets out of school is making a living.  That would be news indeed.

Show me another kid.  One who struggles.  That people have to go out of their way to love.  Because he’s a nuisance.  Oh yeah, they could get a hundred labels, but his parents choose to wrangle the wildcat to see if he’ll grow through it.  So far so good.  It would be easier if we had desperately hard work like the pioneers did just to survive, but they can see the light at the end.  Things are going okay.

Show me a single mom who raises her son alone.  Who raises her son to believe what she believes and stays steadfast and demonstrates higher moral character than most church’s leadership.

Show me a family who stays together.  It’s not pretty.  They don’t have a continuous upward mobility through all the years, but they are holding it together.  Figuring out their way.  It’s not going to look like the Cleavers, or the Bradfords, or the Huxtables, or the Ewings or the Kardashians.  It’s going to look like whoever they are.  Working regular jobs that keep the world turning.  Not worshipping or even aiming for fame and fortune.

That’s the news I want to see.  I think the stories are still out there. I dare “The News” to cover what’s newsworthy now.

People doing what they’re supposed to do and reaping what they sow.

A devastatingly attractive thing.


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