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Google Friend Connect went away in April.  I hope the friendly folks at Google are sitting around nursing their apple juice and cookies and feeling blue.  I used that.

I switched the blog to wp around the same time.

Those two little moves make me feel tied up like Hannibal Lechter when they were moving him from the basement of the mental institution to wherever they were headed when he was in the big round cage.

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Look, I have a manicure kit. Don’t freak mess with me.

Blogging is harder in summer, because freaking Algebra notwithstanding, the kids don’t have something they HAVE TO be doing for a couple of hours everyday. So I don’t have regularly scheduled time.  I have totally lost track of my blog friends.  I have to make a separate trip to a reader site. It’s difficult to use.  I prefer email.  Not every blog has the email subscription option, probably because it is all hidey and tricky to load on your site with wp.  My finding and adding it is probably the greatest achievement of my blogging days.

I can’t really blame the summer schedule.  It’s Pinterest.  Have you seen that dog someone put eyebrows on?  That crap just makes me laugh.  I’m sure you don’t know what I mean.


The mouse at the desktop computer is the POS GT.  The left click button is double clicking when it wants to.  This makes one feel like one has gone back to 1989.  Except if one is only 15.  In which case, one believes life is a big old fantasy box, and they can’t figure out why their magic wand is on the fritz.  In which case, it’s hilarious to watch the 15 year-old trying to cope with her life crumbling before her eyes.  Not. Even. Joking.

The laptop is not ours.  The touch pad thingy jumps the cursor around. Deletes stuff.  Raises and lowers the page.  Switches tabs.  Is just generally a torture.  The screen?  Impossibly small.  It’s really only good for browsing Pinterest.

Apparently, I am up in the rotation for a new computer.  Squee.

Is choosing an ISP sort of like choosing which reptile you want crawling up your leg?

Or is it just me?







  1. My mouse at home is on the fritz too and it is driving me nuts. I’m going to have to break down and buy a new one. I can’t stand that touch pad thingy.

    • The touch pad is worse for most things. This old mouse has a tail. We had a cordless one. It was probably a lemon.

  2. I”ve had some bad computers over the years that were no fun to use at all so it made me want to stay away. Now I have a MacBook and I’m in love with it.

  3. I’ve thought of switching to WP but I just cannot make myself do it. Not sure what is holding me back.. Perhaps it is that I am not that big a fan of change… 🙂

  4. Hidey and tricky I will use over and over. And over.

    That is gooood stuff.

    And yes! The dog with the eyebrows. I swear to you…I howled like a FOOL when I first saw it! Then I couldn’t look away. And the longer I looked the harder I laughed! Then I started laughing at me laughing at it. It just got way stupider than it should have.

    And now I’m gonna have to go pull it up again and check it out!

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