Can You Take It?

 Today I took The Mom Pledge.  Having seen the badge at many of my favorite blogs, I intended to do it some time ago, but waited in order to think about the words of the pledge and make sure I could say it and feel that I was up to the standard.

Mom Enough, if you please.

The TIME cover story from last week with the bare chested woman, was divisive.  Suddenly, moms were comparing themselves to a standard they were unaware or didn’t care about the week before.  And it made them angry.

The Mom Pledge is about moms standing together in a world that is poised to pit us one against the other.  Gathering around to encourage one another, to help each other, and to hear each other.

Not to criticize others.  Not to try to change them.

To gain information and pour out our souls.  And to behave as nicely as you would as a guest in that persons home.

At least, that’s my take.

You are invited to take the pledge too.

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Argh…Is That How You Spell It?

…Life has become…how shall I say?  Hmm.  Let’s let pain in the neck suffice for now.

First of all.  Twitter.  I get what is going on over there, but what is it really?  And, oh, I don’t have the cellular phone for it. Anyway.

Second, How come I hear that the economy is bad and money is hard to come by. But when money is hard to come by for us, we get treated like we are up by the pool eating exotic fruit and having my nails done by someone else.  Like we really have it, but we are just investing it in some other more entertaining endeavor.  I think I need to contribute to the household income, but a doula job puts me out of commission for a couple of days afterward.   I have tried reducing expenses, but I am alone in that.

And another thing.  I already went through Middle School, and I don’t want to go back.  I don’t think it’s a good idea for parents to get too involved in their kids everyday friendships.  It’s just weird.  But so help me God.  I am sick to death of these kids my girls want to hang out with.  They look like the “in crowd”.  But for my life, I can’t communicate to my girls that these kids are not worth their time.

Fourth and by no means less important, I am a W*ight W*tchers lifetime member.  I know how to track (hate it so much; I don’t eat so I won’t have to write it down).  I know about emotional triggers and not setting myself up by having the wrong foods around the house.  I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.  Like I have a tape worm.

Finally, maybe.  It looks like their is some crazy stuff going on in the news today.  But I don’t have time to sit down and find out what is going on. Is there any of this I need to know?  Maybe if I had a better phone I could get on Twitter.

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