Come On In! Don’t Look at the Mess.

Welcome back, as we rejoin our heroine who’s just switched from Blogger to WordPress…

Much like moving into a new home and finally getting all your belongings moved, but still having stuff stacked everywhere and the furnishings in temporary places until you decide where everything goes…

…there is a little wistful thinking about how, just a few days ago, you were sleeping in your own bed, knew which drawer the silverware was in, and could find a bath towel or a book.

Now, it’s a nice place and you know all the stuff that really matters is here with you, but you can’t find a gosh darned thing and it doesn’t feel right.

And your family starts wanting to drop by already.

“It’s been a week already, aren’t you settled in yet?”

No.  No, I am not.

You are welcome to come over. Any time, but just know; it’s a work in progress.  And it’s gonna be great.

In the meantime, come on in.  Kick off your shoes and I’ll crack open this nice bottle of wine you brought.  And I’ll try to find some jelly jars, but we may have to drink it straight from the bottle.

Hey! They share it in church.

It’s reverent.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Beautiful new home you have here.
    I just got all caught up…congrats and HOORAY for a new job for your husband!
    Glad you decided to sing instead of ‘kicking the dog’ *wink*

  2. Love it! I just moved too, and I’m still learning the overwhelming amount of info WP has to offer, but I’m so glad I moved! Good luck getting settled. 🙂

  3. Yay for the switch! You’ll get used to it. 🙂

  4. I”ve only ever used WordPress but I love it! Welcome to your new home.

  5. I like your new place 🙂 I am helping you move in, God knows I owe you!

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