Don’t Like the Story? Stay Tuned; It Will Change.

In the previous post, I referred to a new willingness to trust God in a way I hadn’t been.


Now, look.

The point is, when you tell Him that kind of thing, a lot of people might think you are asking for it.

Here is what He will do…

1)  He will lead you down a road you didn’t know existed, but He had been constructing for months.

when Mickey returned to the office after the holiday his firm had merged.

2) He will cause you to notice all the signs along the way.  That you had overlooked when you were digging for toll money.

That morning in my study, I felt strongly about one answer to a question that said, God would be able to move in our lives if we’d get out of His road and let Him.  I knew it would be soon.

3) Just when you think there are probably no more surprises, and now it is another excruciating wait until you find out the conclusion of this chapter that could go all good or all bad, there is another surprise.

While we knew that none of this mess had gone unnoticed by a loving and generous Father whose timing is never wrong; it turned out that it had also not escaped the attention of other people, who, if they can’t do anything about it can at least affirm and support.

Extra bonus:  Mickey gets off the phone and says, ” [Dude] said everything you have been saying the whole time.”  Folks, I am not mad.  I am in my house with my kids, my training is in Education, not Business or whatever.  The other guy…decent Arghitect.  (I just invented that word.)

4) The surprise that looks juicy and would make the obvious, quick, neat & tidy, happily ever after to this story, turns out to be just another in a list of possibilities that look…okay.

 5)Again, He shows you, “See what I have been doing up to now? Am I going to follow through?”

Y’all, just every day and hour, I am grateful.  I have PMS, I have been forgetting to take my supplements.  Friday was a rude re-entry into the rude routine.  But peaceful as after the kids go to bed.

6) And when you heave a sigh of relief, “BAM.”  Another Confetti-Cannon-of-“What-In-The-World?”…

Friends…real friends…so much more than I deserve.

I prayed some weird prayers in December: “God, I want to feel.”  “Father, Help me be more fun for my family.”  I told Him I was trusting Him.  No matter what.  I do my job, and He does His.

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  1. I am uttering those same prayers. And the feeling part?….it's overwhelming.

  2. This all sounds great. I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

  3. That last line really resonates with me. I gotta do my part too…

  4. Have you been to an Inch of Gray 's blog?
    I think you would do her so much good.

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