Failing in Strength

Earlier this week, in my morning reading, I read that we don’t fail in our areas of weakness.

We fail in our strengths.

It makes sense.

In my weaknesses, I keep both hands firmly on the handrails.

In my strengths, I am out thereat the limit, screaming, “Look! No hands!”

To me this is spectacular news.

I fail in words.

I fail in “momma-ing”.

I fail in finances.

I fail in recognizing my strengths.  At all. In the first place.

I fail in organizing.

I fail in homeschooling.

I fail in housekeeping.

And this news is good.

It means that I have what it takes, I am strong for my task.  There is time.




  1. Brings tears… I relate.

  2. Wowza. That’s deep.

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