Falling Around Here

The absolute best thing about Fall is that the leaves turn all these brilliant colors.  Nearly the best thing about this house is this tree for about a week in October.  When the sun is behind it, it glows.  I mean, really; glows.  Where I grew up, the leaves turned brown.  And that was all.

Fall is a prelude to Thanksgiving, for us. It’s our big holiday. Mom cooks. Ignoring the parade on TV, football, throwing the football in the halftimes, eating.  Nearly falling asleep at the table.  Chucking the plate at the sink and dashing for the couch before you pass out on the floor in the hallway. Wake up.  Eat.  Dog show.  Movie in the Evening. Pause in the middle for pie.

Thank. Ful. Ness.

Right now, Fall is about a little boy’s surgery.  It’s tomorrow.  I haven’t been able to plan anything after that.  He is 8.  He’s never used a whole mouth to eat or drink or speak.  He has no idea what’s in store.

Then we can have Fall. Y’all.

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  1. I hope everything goes well with the surgery so you can all enjoy your fall.

  2. Your tree is absolutely beautiful! I also look forward to Thanksgiving. God Bless you and you’re little boy. I’ll be saying a prayer for him.

  3. Hope his surgery goes great! And lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. I wish our leave changed colors.

    Lots and lots of prayers for you and the boy.

  5. I love that tree. It is amazing.

    I’m saying a prayer for your boy’s surgery (and for you!)

  6. Sending prayers your way! Hope for the best.

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