Fifty Shades of Cake (part 2)

Everyone remembers my thoughts on cake.  

One time I wrote about cake.  And sex.

I have never tried to feed a person who didn’t want food.

It’s like speaking a different language.

So here is the deal.

I got to thinking the other day, I bet my lasagna could cure that.

Far be it from me, of course, to assign names to my own recipes that would amount to patting my self on the back.

So there’ll be none of that.


Additionally, if you have had sex and know it well enough to know, that someone who thinks that cake is anywhere in the ball park,  isn’t doing it right.

Then I can accurately describe this lasagna for you.

I wouldn’t dare say it’s better,

But, effort for effort, it’s an excellent substitute when needed.

This recipe is based on the recipe for Cream Cheese Lasagna from the Southern Living Cookbook.

I substitute 1/2 pound of spicy italian sausage for 1/2 pound of the ground beef.  I use twice as much mozzarella as it calls for.  I also de-glaze the pan I brown the meat in with red cooking wine.

Sorry to not supply photos.  But that would be inappropriate.

Caution:  Serve this only to the most intimate of friends in the privacy of your home.  The surgeon general has identified this lasagna as a risk factor for clothes falling off.






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