Future Memory Of Autumns Past

Smell of smoke; smell of chill.

Wind changes; turns misty.

Leaves flee the storm; Red, Gold, Orange.

Ladies squee and grab for skirts.

Little kids laugh and run.

Comes the porch lit dusk.

Scramble in and push the door shut.

Against the gust and shiver.

1st and Main; Beef stew.

2nd and Oak; Chili.

3rd and Broad; Chinese Take-out.

Favorite lamps punch golden squares

In slate-shadowed havens.

Baths, pajamas, Charlie Brown.

Popcorn, Bedtime.

Playoff baseball; warm mug.

Smell of chill, smell of smoke.

Heart changes; turns misty.


I am linking this Memory I’d Like To Have with Falling Back Into Blogging @ The SITS girls.






  1. Wow, beautifully written! A lot of those memories remind me of Fall as well. Stoppingby from SITS.

  2. Beautifully done! Every single word makes me feel like grabbing a sweater and hot cup of tea!

  3. I love the winds of fall too. You described this wonderfully.

  4. Great poem – how vivid!

  5. Beautiful! What a perfect description of fall!

  6. I love this! Your descriptions are so strong.

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