Holiday Rush

You know, God will laugh at you.  To your face.  That is what makes him a great friend, except that when he follows up with the practical joke, it always hits the mark.  Perfectly.

See, for a couple of years, Mickey and I have been commenting, privately, that the term “holiday rush”  or the statement, “Then it’s the holidays and when will we fit another thing in?”  are overused and probably excuses to NOT do stuff.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Over the weekend, we sat around.  We continued work on the storied “back room”.  Bagged up a few clothing items for the consignment and charity donations. Loaded a set of encyclopedias in the car to take to the used book store to the free bin. Watched a number of dvds that we had seen before.  I tried to think about this week, but I just couldn’t focus. We had choir practice a couple of times and performed on Sunday.

The Monday co-op was off today for their holiday break.  Bless ’em.

Today.  It rained.  I was walking by the TV last night, and heard the weatherman say it would be 3-5 inches before this moved off.

Since coming back from the break, I haven’t acknowledged God much at the blog.  We are on good terms, just haven’t been spending hours and hours together. I was frustrated.  I was tired of telling Him the same things.  I figure, faith extends to trusting Him to hear me the first time and the 100th time.  And sooner or later, I am just nagging.  I felt guilty.  But I also felt foolish.  As I mentioned in a post some time ago, I felt a little responsible for my situation.  Sort of like I was on my own.  A couple of weeks ago, on Sunday, someone said, “Sometimes, God is silent for awhile.”  It was just for me.

Since then, I started trying a little harder to focus on Him.  Ironically.  If He is silent, and that’s okay.  How am I suddenly interested in getting His attention?  Well, initially, I didn’t have much luck, anyway.

Until this morning.

I got up and made the coffee and sat down with the Word.

And He spoke.

To be honest, I didn’t care much for what He had to say.

If it had been a person, it would have been confrontational.

But when the person giving the feedback wrote the book and sees everything, there is not much to argue.

To be honest.  It may have been said in that, “This-Is-The-Last-Time-I’m-Gonna-Say-This” tone I have begun to recognize so well, because I use it so often.

The message was loud and clear and unmistakably for me.

I hope it gets me through this week.

Back to the holiday rush.  My advice: don’t smart off.  God will hear you and give you a week like I’m fixin’tuh have.


  1. Amen, sister. Amen.

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that keeps His humor flowing.

    And ok. I will publicly admit it right here.

    Yes. I will use that ol'excuse of, "Well, I am just sooo busy right now with the holidays and all" to get out of crap.

    I confess.

    Right here. On your blog.

    I confess.

  2. Did He tell you to wait? I always get frustrated when He says to wait.

  3. For the first time in a really long time, it wasn't wait. It was "Go!"

  4. Carrie, I getta use it for real this year, and I am going to turn my head whenever anyone uses it ever again.

  5. I hope you have a perfectly wonderful week 🙂
    I like your honesty, Maggie…it's very refreshing.

  6. WE usually are that busy during the holidays with…well…holidays, school, a lot of family birthdays, church, work, dance parades…you name it!

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