Honey, That’s Not a Bird

Hope for Change.

Emily Dickinson called hope a thing with feathers.

Love her as I do.

I gotta tell ya.  She was wrong.

There are no feathers.

What are you hoping in?

A president?

Your job?

Your spouse?

Your health insurance?

Your kids’ school?

Your church?

Your health?

I know.  Me, too.

I don’t like putting it like that.

But all of those things can fail.  At their best, they only serve one area of your life.  If they are not in co-operation with one another, they are going to take turns messing you over. They amount to a pantheon of a world that approves all and in that way approves nothing.

None of those can protect or satisfy.

Only God can do both.

I don’t presume to become a faith blogger.  I’ve been too…too… faithless.  Self-reliant and defiant.

And here I am.

I just knew I was supposed to write about placing our hope in someone whose ways are higher than ours.  Thoughts are higher than ours.  Who sings songs over us with joy.

I guess you’ll know who you are if you find this.

I’m going out on the porch to see if a bird will land in my soul.








  1. I found it. Thank you.

  2. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. Lovely.


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