Household Repairs

I didn’t realize until Friday; I was fighting two battles.

The battle to live stay.

Or the battle to go.

I could describe the day to you, but it was so ridiculous, I won’t.

At one point I drove up in the driveway and looked at the house and thought,”No.  I cannot do this any more.  We’ve outgrown it.  If we start major renovation today, we won’t be finished before the girls are out of the house.”

We’d been waffling back and forth.

I didn’t want to admit defeat.

Suddenly, It was all gone.  No stewing about how much I’d be giving away to a realtor.  No worrying about the market or getting what we needed to out of it.  I called Mickey.  He agreed.  In three hours, there was a sign in the yard.

I cried off and on for the rest of the day.  I was completely shocked how angry I was.  The lost time.  The shattered dream. The promises left unkept.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

The place is too small.  When we moved in we had two nine year-olds.  Today, we have two 15 year-olds and an 8 spot.  To our shame, when we moved in, we supported one fur bearing creature.  Today, because cat people will have their say, won’t they, we sponsor four (4) non-contributing household members*.

note:storage under dresser

Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked this house over like Leon Spinks on a roasting ear.  It’s as clean as we can get it.

Cat preparing to relieve himself on brown rug.

Yesterday, the realtor came to take photos.  In every room, there was something we needed to move out of the way.  Over and over and over she repeated that we needed to get rid of some junk.  The first time, I reminded her that was the reason we needed to move.  The second time, I agreed and outlined our options.  The third time, I kind of blew my stack a little.

cleanest ever

There are repairs that need to be made.  If it had come up again.  I would have cried.

We know.

And we intend to start working on them just as soon as we move into a different house.

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  1. We always end up doing repairs and fixing things up in order to sell. It is sad when the house has never looked better than when I’m planning to leave it. 🙁

  2. But think of the headache that will be gone when you move.

  3. Hubby and I are looking for a house. Let’s chat. 🙂

  4. I think it’s a big, emotional decision. And I hope you’ll find a nice, cosy, comfortable place where you can all grow old happily.

  5. We have been debating on the same thing lately. We love our house, but we are outgrowing it, too. HUGS!!

  6. My mister and I live in a two bedroom, 900 sq ft rancher, along with our 7, 4, and 1 year old, two cats, and all our stuff. I hate cleaning because the clutter defeats me. We have gotten rid of almost all we can, and my house still makes me want to scream. Best of luck!!

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