I Can’t Believe We All Lived Through It

Last night was the official holiday concert.  It was pretty well done.  I have an attitude about fine arts and homeschoolers.  We (as a group) tend to let each other by with less than the best.  And clap for it.  There is no excuse to hold a lower standard than the world around us.  If we can’t do it with excellence, we need to leave it alone.

I digress.

I have been more than forthcoming about the girls crushes. It is really none of my business. I tell you, so I don’t meddle too much in their lives.  Must be just a homeschool mom temptation.

What I haven’t told you about, is that there is a boy who has a crush on one of them.  He is quiet.  We’ve known the family since we moved back here. Neither of the girls seem to be aware.  They can’t see past…well,


Clearly, I can’t say anything.  That is why I have the blog.

It sucked to be a teen.  I forgot while I was wishing I could go back to not being responsible for paying the bills.


Parenting teens is not as fun as they make it seem in the books and movies.

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  1. The teen years scare me. Everything my boys will go through and knowing I'll have to walk that fine line between protecting them and being overprotective.

  2. I just wrote about this exact same thing today – the challenges with my tween and how I'm oh-so-worried about when they get to the teen years.

  3. I am not at all looking forward to the teen years. I was a really good kid and very close to my mom. I'm hoping the same thing happens with Big Girl. I hear horror stories and I'm just not sure I can handle that.

  4. I was an absolute horror to my mom in my teens. Seriously, I was so very bad. We laugh about it now though. :p

  5. Not looking forward to the teen years, my daughter is already wild, at just 9 months!

  6. Oh man, I wish I could skip the teen years altogether!

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