I Love Monday

No, seriously.

I always have.

Clean Slate.

Back to School.  New Year’s, which is really December 26 because what really gets done between Christmas and Jan 2 or 3? Your Birthday.

And every single Monday.

Tomorrow morning.  New start.

1) Getting ready for 2012-2013 school while supervising You-Know-What.

2 )Lesson planning. (Makes me crave Camels and Night Train).

3) Searching Speech Therapy Services. (One of the things I spare you).

4) Getting the Laundry done. (Glamourous, I know.).

5) Cleaning the fridge. (Jealous?)

6) Doing the banking. (Won’t take long.)

7) Looking at the calendar– Starting Co-op in August, Boy having surgery in September.  Seriously.  Already scheduling the rest of the year.

8) Schedule whichever charity has home pick-up to get some larger items that I need to get out of our way.

9) Scouting extra-curriculars for the boy. He really needs to be busy. It’s what he likes best.

10) Went to the salon, Saturday.  That was the ‘me-time’ for this week.  Friday is our 21st anniversary.  ‘We-time’.  This year, we will resume our tradition of going to the best steakhouse. EVER. There may be someone from Cattle Country reading.  I realize the implications of what I’m saying.  I haven’t had a steak in two years.  I have no idea what to give Mickey.

11) Figure out what to do with this blog.  ‘Track That Stat” says I have hundreds of ‘visits’ per day.  How do I refine my focus?  Keep some of those people here?  Zero people follow by email.  I don’t need to figure out ‘What’, I need to figure out, ‘How.”  I need a look.  I’m like a blank paper.  What else?  Is backstage as simple and helpful as it can be?

12) Mop.

Come to think of it, I don’t think much of Monday, after all.






  1. mop? isn’t that why you have kids and clorox makes wipes? hands and knees with a little elbow grease and that floor will shine like a bald man’s head.

  2. You are lying that Friday is your anniversary! Saturday is ours. 22 years.

    I already feel like I’m planning the rest of the year too. School is starting, and I’m just waiting on dance schedules to see how everything will fit together. The kids are picking out Halloween costumes and before you know it Christmas will be here.

  3. Well, happy anniversary a little early! And yay for date night!!

    I can’t hardly see why you love Monday with all that stuff you listed. Yikes. I’m not a Monday lover. Not in the least. And it’s probably my most least unproductive day of the week.

    Good for you though…and yay again for date night!!

  4. I don’t mind Monday’s too much – I just have to try not to sleep in until 11:00 a.m. on the weekends like I am a teenager (which I am far from!).

    A steak house is one of our favorite places to go too – go Beef!

  5. You seem to be a lot more productive with your Mondays than I am.

  6. I love the idea of Monday; except for that part where I have to wake up at 6:30 am to get my run in before work. That? Is rough.

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