Indelicate Subject Thursday: Wastefulness.

…warning: for reasons that remain unclear, I have not been able to rest until I explored this topic with my blog friends.  However, the squeamish and those whose 4th -8th graders may read over their shoulders, may wish to return to the blog on another day. 

One aspect of my daily life about which I have been fairly silent, is my interest in natural remedies.  I enjoy learning natural non-pharmaceutical ways of treating common concerns.  Not limited to chiropractic and dietary supplements, there is also, hydrotherapy (long hot soak in the bath, anyone?) bodywork (massage?) and a variety of ways of cleansing and purifying the body’s tissues and internal organs in order to help us feel our best.

So I own this book that I refer to as “The Big Book of Refuses to Go to the Doctor”.  It has a listing of supplements with their benefits and side effects, a section with conditions and their causes and treatments, and an alternative therapies section with a guide to doing them safely at home (like, color therapy or fasting, for example).

Deep in the nether regions of this massive tome (my first car was smaller) there is a section on…


(…this is the reason I am not a nurse)

Enemas. Colonic. Cleanse.

In all their varieties…

I don’t remember them all, but one, I do.  I am not going to lie, Y’all.  I am offended.

Someone decided this was a treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It’s wasteful; I tell you.  Someone got drunk and said, “Hey, it’s 6 months until daybreak, and this stuff’s gone cold.  I have an idea!”

I would never have guessed unless I had read it in the pages of a book (Wait until Levar hears about this!).


That’s not where it belongs.

 Sorry, I don’t know what got into me…but I can tell you what didn’t.


  1. "Sorry, I don't know what got into me…but I can tell you what didn't."

    THAT has got to be the funniest line I have heard in a looooong time!!

    Girl, I wish I was more into natural stuff. I really do, but unless I'm in the hospital all strapped down to the bed and my life depends on it…ain't doing an enema.

    No way. No how.

    I don't care if it's made of gold.

    Forget it.

  2. It's a waste of coffee I tell ya!!!

  3. Total waste… of water even.

  4. You're right..

    Does NOT belong there, and not what that audience would look for.

    Almost like a planted joke, you know?

    On SNL, now that would be funny.

  5. I'm all for aromatherapy and a good massage (I've got one scheduled this weekend), but a coffee enema?! Sacrilege!

  6. I shudder at the very thought. Coffee enemas sound like they could be one of those unsafe things that get portrayed as medical, too. I loved the line about "six months till daybreak and this stuff's gone cold"

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