Interested Minds: Let’s Hear It For the Boy

At the beginning, I discussed that the blog was a move from my previous mostly adoption blog.

So, yeah.  And from the beginning, I have kept the boy out of the limelight.

Initially, it was because I was trying to get a little separation from his past life so we could create our family.


It was because he would steal the show.

He is here.  And he is remarkable.  He is hilarious.  Maybe just because I never lived with a little boy before and some things he does are completely opposite of what I think of as…


Maybe because the girls, though they always loved sparkles and pink and marabou and whatnot, were pretty messy and destructive and, quite frankly, oblivious to some social conventions that I held dear (like not announcing your toileting results).  And maybe I thought he’d be just a little like that.  He is so much more than they were at those things, and yet.  Totally his own brand of man.


1) Pronounces super hero names wrong.  “SuperMAN” is “SOOperman”. “Paging Dr. Spiderman.  Paging Dr. Spiderman.”  And so forth.

2) Refers to his sisters as, “my girls”.

2b) Even while taking preturnatural pleasure at pissing them off or getting them in trouble.

3) Can take up to 45 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal.  Hates to be rushed.  Appears not to mind if it is dissolved to liquid by the time he’s done.  If this makes you gag, you’re in good company.  Mealtime is “Me-time.”

4) We have a desktop computer with a few downloaded games and a Gameboy with Tetris and Bomberman.  Shut up.  Brother is as addicted as if he were taking prescription pain meds.  We don’t own the bigger stuff because I don’t believe in them.  Why would we need it.  I can take the privilege away the same with the old tech. (More on this coming later.)

5) Does like a cold drink.

“Mom, it’s happy hour.”

“Son, you can be happy any hour of the day. With or without a cold drink.”


Alternatively, a small grape slush.  Feeds his very soul.  They drank a lot of Sprite in China because you couldn’t drink the water.  He misses it, but we don’t need to do that here.

6) He loves any televised sports.  Football?  Seriously.  It was instantaneous and finding out about other sports didn’t change a thing.  But if it is on, he will watch and listen and learn.  Golf. Loves Tiger.

7) We have been patching his eye for “lazy-eye”.  Last visit, he was 20/20 with his glasses in both eyes.

A meeting of the minds. Not really. There was just cake.

8) Cat person.

9) Morning person.  He comes downstairs ready to get at the action of the day.

10) Can speak more loudly than a most people.

11)  Can sneak around like a cat burglar.

12) People are always doing things for him.  I know this has always been the case.  He can play it.  But I have seen it happen when he is just standing there waiting to get on with things.

13) The kids all stayed with a friend one day.  They played tennis because the dad of the family used to be a tennis pro and he was home that day.  The family said he was good.  His girls said he was good.  Maybe we’ll give it a try.

14)  It still amazes me that God chose us. Sometimes I sit and stare at him.

15)  His favorite thing in the whole world.  His bed.

Brag too much?





  1. Okay, that first picture cracked me up! Like your son, Miss M. is an early riser. We call her “The Rooster.” If she sleeps in past 5:30am, it’s a good day.

  2. Francie says:

    I am glad God chose you too, I get to enjoy you all. You are a great family.

  3. You’re right. You haven’t said much about him.

    I now love him, too.

    #3 makes me really like this boy. I could live on cereal. And I spend time on it as if it was a filet mignon. Because it’s cereal. And that’s what you do.

    You ARE lucky. But the boy and his girls are pretty darn lucky, too, if you ask me.

  4. I love that he calls them “my girls” so much.

    And football? I will sit and watch with him anytime.

  5. Totally worth bragging about. I concur with his feelings about grape slush.

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