Ironic? Or Not?

We live in a neighborhood with a lot of beautifully restored older homes.  Some of the homes have not yet been restored and are still rental properties.  Sometimes a neighbor forgets they just got out of jail and they trip and fall and land in someone’s house they don’t know and take their things without asking.


  Sometimes the Wii, sometimes shampoo, sometimes a little fried chicken from the fridge.  But it was just an accident.  They thought they were going in their own back window.  These places all look the same from the alley.

I suppose it is needless to say at this point, but we have an alarm system. 

Several days ago, I paid the bill.

Yesterday, I received a call from a collector.

I had to fax them a record of the transaction from my bank.  BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF MY PAYMENT.

They are sorry.  They work with computers and sometimes…they just don’t know why, but it does happen.

I will have a response when they are good and ready in about a week.


To sum up.

The alarm company, whom we pay to protect us from thieves, took our money and is not showing it on our account.


  1. How ridiculous! I hope you get it all straightened out soon. I love how a lot of companies don't even really apologize for their mistakes, but rather they attribute any errors to their computer systems and technology. Blah, blah, blah! We had our cell phone company charge us $500 this month on our bill by accident; it was a long process of clearing it up, and it was always excuses rather than apologies that we got from them. So frustrating!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for my SITS day!

  2. Jerks.

  3. You gotta love that. Turds. I hope things work out, though, and that your money does show up on their system.

  4. You need to move!! A.S.A.P.!

  5. That's a sucky situation. But I love your synopsis at the end. 🙂

  6. Oh, what a pain!

  7. I hate when that happens. I love how everything is an emergency to the company, but when you need something from them, it will take time.

  8. LOL. Here's the problem — lazy companies are now turning bills over to collection agencies the second they're late. In the past, they'd send customers are polite reminder notice but NO… Even IF you'd missed one payment, it should not have gone to a bill collector. Companies need to deal with their own customers. Two missed payments merit bill collection…but not one.

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