Is That All You Got?

Sunday Morning was good.

Very good.

Almost like a certain Tuesday in January.

And then, wouldn’t you know.

Something bad happens to us that we didn’t cause and don’t deserve.

Yes, someone stole everything we had in the bank.

Initially, I was still.

Late  Sunday, I went to the grocery store for one item, and went through the line with my favorite clerk.  When she asked me how I was I said, “Fine.”  Then I said, “Not really, someone at Sonic took my husband’s debit card and cleaned us out.”  I thought the four people who heard what I said, 2 clerks and 2 baggers, would go find the thief themselves.  These virtual strangers were more upset than any of my acquaintances have been.

Maybe because they work their fingers to the bone to make no more money and people are suspicious of them but they fight to maintain their self respect in severe circumstances with temptation all around.  And then someone who is basically at the same economic strata and occupational status, says, “I give up. You work.  Imma steal.”

The profound thing to me, is that I had already been to that Sonic location previously in the week.  I had parked next to the door where the car hops enter and exit.  I had watched and thought, “Dear Lord God, how do they get by? Do they all have other jobs? It’s so effing hot!”  Now I know.

Yesterday, going through the process, I got twisted pretty tight, as I struggled to remember God loves the asshole person who did this the same as he loves me. Probably, because, quite frankly, I’m mad.  But.

It wasn’t personal.

Like if someone you knew was stealing from you.  And waiting.  Hoping you wouldn’t notice.

It doesn’t require a life style change.

During (so you can get by) or after ( because you got weird).

It will be over in a couple of days.

Not two and a half years.

Please.  I got this covered.


…This momentary light affliction is producing an eternal weight of glory...








  1. I just still can’t believe this. It’s completely absurd to stoop to the level of taking something that is 100% not yours…from someone else.

    I do like to believe something good comes from every something bad. I do believe that.

    Hugs and smooches and tons of love. Hang in there.

  2. I’m so sorry that this happened to y’all, but I’m glad the bank and everyone is really helping to get things fixed.

  3. Oh, and you are much nicer than me. I hope the thief chokes on a tater tot.

  4. Leslie, the cleaning coach says:

    So sorry this happened to you. Makes me want to now only use cash. At least you know where they got your info. I’m always worried about the Internet. Never really thought of local businesses! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Urgh, that is terrible, I’m so sorry to hear! 🙁

  6. That is a terrible thing to happen to someone! I can, unfortunately, relate. A couple years ago in summer, I was at the little grocery store I go to every week and a guy boldly came up behind me and snatched my debit card right out of my hand. He ran out of the store and skipped (literally skipped) down the street with it. The clerk and I were so shocked that someone could be that bold that we just stood there staring.

    You have to wonder what is going through someone’s mind to make them want to commit a crime.

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