Kids in Restaurants: A Guide for Naked Emperors

Day 5: of Fall Back Into Blogging with SITS is re-post what you posted on September 28th last year.
Sometime last week, I heard a news story about a restaurant owner who decided not to welcome children in his restaurant anymore.
We have eaten out a lot with our girls, and we are a disruption, to be sure.  Because we are so afraid of our children being a problem, we are hyper-vigilant to detect any thing that may be slightly less than the insight and conduct of a (whatever age I am) adult.  Stupid?  Yes.  No medication is available.  Whatever, Mine and Mickey’s conduct is certain to have been the disruption.  Not the kids.
With eyebrow provocatively raised, the news guy (Saturday morning I don’t remember what network.) interviewed the restaurant owner, a career waiter, a mom and some people with no children.  They all had opinions. Despite the interviewer’s facial expression, it was all predictable.
Good Looking Well Dressed Mommy: “Why should I be penalized for teaching my child to like steak instead of “processed chicken food”?” (did not address whether her child acted like a chimp in restaurants)
Childless couple: “Why should we be disturbed?” (Choose not to be)
Waiter: “It isn’t my job to act as go-between for Childless Couples and Good Looking Well-Dressed Mommies.” (Unless your boss says it is.)
Owner: “It is my place, I’ll do what I want.” (Whether it is good business or not)
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I don’t know why it is national news. I sincerely hope the man still has the right to run his restaurant the way he chooses within the law.  The network chose a really good looking mommy and very extremely average looking childless couple and a ‘disheveled,-but-that-is-so-right-now’young waiter.  The network made their position on this inane topic clear: “America ought to be up-in-arms over this infringement on the rights of someone (especially an attractive person) to do something. Anywhere.  Ever.”Of course, you know me.  I am always wandering out in left field, picking up unmade points and mixing unwanted metaphors.  Sorry, I got a little distracted by the obvious point this time.

How come it’s not okay to be a small a-hole, but when you become a big one, you are welcome to come and soak your character deficiencies in alcohol.  Up. In. Here?
Are kids the only ones who disturb other diners in restaurants?I. Think. Not.

What did you think about this story?  What is the juiciest story you have heard wafting over from the next table?

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  1. I'm totally laughing out loud at the "How come it is not okay to be small a-hole comment…" So, so true. And so succinctly put.

  2. Holy crap!! This is ridiculous! Banning children from restaurants? What's next?! Ugh, that really ticks me off.

  3. Ha!! There's been talk of that here as well. And on airplanes as well. Love your take on it!

  4. This was hysterical. When I go out to eat without children I am acutely aware that adults are bigger “babies” in restaurants. The man being belligerent to the waiter disturbs me much more than a child. Stopping by from SITS!

  5. High five on this one SITStah! When people look at my 2-year-old with an irritated look because she is laughing “too loudly” or having a mini meltdown, I smile and shrug, “She’s a toddler. What do you want me to do?” Completely rhetorical…

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