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We’ve never canned before, but we used only jars, rings and lids we had around the house.  That’s why it was economical for Grandma.

It came out good, but spicier than I was expecting.  About half the tomatoes were orange, causing the color to be exactly the color of a tomato sauce stain on your new white Ann Taylor t-shirt.  I substituted lime juice for the vinegar in the recipe and added cilantro.

There are no pics of the canning portion because my help clocked out.  There was porch-sitting to be attended to.

Have you ever canned?  I was surprised how easy it was.  What are your favorite things to save for winter by canning, freezing or drying?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Salsa!

  1. You’re right: we did coordinate!!! My daughter loves to help in the kitchen, too! This salsa looks amazing and I’m definitely going to have to try your recipe!! It looks delicious!!! I’ve never canned before but I just might give it a try now!

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