Low-Self Esteem Dog is Back

As we left our heroine, she was having a beauty treatment to boost her overall self-esteem.  The treatment backfired and she was left, if possible, more strangely  co-dependent than before.

As our story resumes, Daisy’s owners are attempting to administer a flea treatment.  A single highly effective tablet to be taken with a full meal.  Her shattered self-image having caused her to think anyone who offers her anything on bread is trying to kill her, she resists.

Having failed to administer the life enhancing medication by means of a peanut butter treat, her faithful owner offers frosting.  Yes, America.  That loving owner opened a whole brand new can of frosting, with no cake or even cupcake on her mind, so vital is it to protect this small dog.

Silly owner, this pet has such low self-esteem, that something as expensive and insipid as canned frosting makes her yet more suspicious.

Save the wearied looks, Mrs. Owner Lady.  If you had been serious about getting a small, random bred canine who flops on her back for every stranger she meets, to eat something…

You should have offered it hidden in the feces of neighborhood cats and dogs.  Be honest.  There are a few snacks you love so much you’d roll in them.  That’s hers.

Daisy’s poor boundaries continued to express themselves by her inappropriately happy smile for the camera when she had been giving her owner the bizznizz for 15 minutes over this liver flavored chewable. Ultimately, the pill was forced down her throat administered in a glob of breakfast sausage.  The subsequent mandatory dose of anti-diahrreal, was administered by someone who was not BEYOND the limits of his patience.

The mud smeared around her water dish seemed to spell out, “WIL ROLL OVER 4 KLENR KICHN”.  Or maybe, “NED A COAM, MAMA?”

The pet owner has begun giving money to an organization that “promotes the outdoor existence of all animals everywhere for all time, except this good-looking so and so, he can stay.”




  1. jwilliams057 says:

    Stick that pill in a piece of hot dog. I bet she gobbles that down.

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