Marketing and Social Media:Blogging As More Than An Electronic Diary

I am going to tell you every single thing I know about Blogging, Marketing, and Social Media.

This is going to be a short post.

It is possible to monetize a blog.  By this, the blogger or wp widget is set up in your sidebar and when people use it, blogger gets a little money and you get a little less money.  But it’s money.

You can sell advertising space on your blog.  To an Etsy shop.  To another blog.  To a designer.  Or a local company.

You can write product reviews for brands in exchange for products your family would typically use.  Household cleaners, shapewear, toys, beauty products, and food.  Cars.  Mattresses.  Trips.  The list is nearly endless.

You can work with a network that provides opportunities to work with lots of brands.  The network works with the brands to provide good compensation.  For someone.  There are plenty of opportunities to tweet this or post that on fb for a CHANCE to win a $50 Visa gift card and a jar of mayonnaise.  I happen to love mayonnaise and would go for that.

It’s very important to create a Social Media Presence for your blog.  That means it’s important to have an impressive number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and so forth.  It’s a gauge of how many people care about your opinion.

Okay, then.  We’re about done here.

I don’t have work experience in the business world. I don’t know how to spot a shyster.  I don’t have rates and wouldn’t know how to set some.

I am the last person out of the non-computer age.  I am the one who turned out the lights on a world where a student could turn in a hand written paper for a grade. In college.

I am really interested in expanding my blog, brand, social media presence and quite freaking frankly income.

But at this point, I am so far behind.  I am afraid I am extinct in the starting blocks.

This post is for two purposes.

One, is to see if there are other people out there like me.  I don’t know if they will find this post or not because we are nearly extinct and they’ve probably migrated into warmer climates and can’t smell me.

The second is to shamelessly ask for “a nickel’s worth of free advice,” from the gracious blog moguls who stop by here every so often and so sweetly encourage the writing- freely and without criticism.I am open to direct criticism, links to articles, and recommendations from past experience.

Or a time machine so I could go back in time and hit a “business track” session in exchange for one of the “writing track” sessions at Blissdom.

Dinosaurs are slow thinkers.






  1. jwilliams057 says:

    But what advice are you looking for? How to make money? How to grow your followers? What should you cook for dinner?

  2. 1)Yes, I would like to make money. In this case, what should I do first? Second? Third? 2) Yes, I would like to grow followers. In particular, chatty ones;)

    Your comment sat me down on my bottom. I ran into a lot of bigger questions behind my response. You challenged me to think.

    What am I blogging for? Do I know something shareable? Only I can answer those.

  3. I can smell you. Wait that sounded weird. There are a ton of resources to learn I do believe. Right off the top of my head – Social Dialect. Site is run by Fadra Nally (she was at Blissdom). She always has great post re: social media and working with brands. Do you have any bloggers near you who have had success? Ask them out for coffee. Or look up that person at Blissdom who most inspired and ask to pick their brain.

  4. I don’t know a ton myself but mostly by choice. Every time I start doing more reviews or think of heading to the business side of it more I lose the joy and it seems like work. So works for some by not really for me.

  5. Your first two sentences crack me up.

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