Head thrown back.

Teeth bared.

Tears squeezed out of tightly closed eyes.

Leave stains down dirty cheeks.

Never, Never, Never, Never.

It’s never going to stop.

It’s never going to show up on an X-ray.

No one is ever going to witness.

Through the haze come answers to life questions,

But no keys to escape.

Struggle. Resist. Work.

To be Blocked. Resisted. Undone.

Too far down the path.

No way back.

Hold still.

Don’t speak.

Don’t eat the poison.

Wear the mask.


I am joining with: NaBloPoMo October 2012

 Whom I hope will forgive me as the dsl modem finished its life and passed on this week.






  1. I wish I was smarter so I could get this because I like it.

  2. I think I get this. I’ve never been to your blog before so I don’t know your back story, but this can apply to my situation right now. Beautifully written

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