Monday Momentum

I may have a problem with perfectionism.

Very rarely do I feel that I have done all I ought to have done or could have done in a day.  Probably a risk of the Homemaker/SAHM/Home Educator job.

Time isn’t compartmentalized enough.

I have a big blob of unscheduled time with little chunks of “starts at 6:30”, “Mom, I work from 2-6,” and “he’ll see the ophthalmologist at 1:00”  interspersed throughout the week.

That said, the weekend was wildly productive.  I can prove it with a backyard reclaimed from the second law of thermodynamics.

I never took physics, but the second law used to state that everything is moving from order into chaos.  They called this Entropy.

My husband is in denial that such a law exists.

Or possibly, loves to sit under the tree waiting for the apple to hit him on the head.

I, on the other hand adore Newton’s first law, so that when I have the ability to get started, I keep going until I get hit with the schedule, hunger and/or thirst or the limit of what can be done on that task with the resources at hand.

By show of hands, Who has ever had that moment when you are bringing your little portion of the creation under your authority, and realize you’ve just run, face first, into the need for a Lowe’s lumber yard run.  THAT IS CATEGORICALLY NOT HAPPENING WITHOUT A SHOWER.  Which means stopping, and then it will be lunch time, and by the time you do those three things there will not be time to work on the project before you have to stop and make dinner.

That’s all I’m saying.

I walked out the house on Saturday morning, without a word.  With only a rake and my phone.  Soon after the rest of the family finished their waffles, they joined me.  We attacked this city lot like zombies on a preschool play yard.

When the last tool was put away, Type A said,”Now, I wouldn’t be embarrassed for my friends to see it.”


When we got home late Saturday evening, we hung out and shot baskets in the backyard.  Never ever happened before.

Such a burden was lifted, that even though my body is still screaming, my head is clear, and I’ve already gotten more done today than all of last week in terms of paperwork and business.

That was written about 9:30 this morning.  It’s after 7:00, now.  The momentum has lasted throughout today, with errands and laundry.  I’m enjoying the Monday night mom time per schedule.

This is highly unusual for me.

Highly.  Unusual.

It’s a lotta grace.

For you are not under law but under grace….





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