Monday Morning, Armchair…Preacher

 Have you ever sat in the pew at church and thought about what you would say to this group of people if you had the podium?


Is it about being orthodox(having the best theology)?  Is that what Jesus said?

Do the ones with the most academic degrees win?  I mean, is it okay to have Jesus + a little statue to good grades?

Is anyone here struggling and keeps showing up to meet Jesus and this is what they are getting?  Admonished that they need to worship “just like this”.

“We don’t drink or smoke or chew and we don’t go with girls who do.”  Do we gossip and split off into cliques like 7th grades girls?  Is there a spiritual bunch and a needy bunch and a nameless faceless crowd?  Yeah, there was in the Bible, too.  Jesus hung out with the sinners/needy. Thank Him.

…Nah,  me neither.  I never think about that.


  1. As crazy as this is going to make me sound, I've always secretly wished a preacher would dramatically make a point while they were in the pulpit after having built up to some major lesson they were trying to get across and then throw down the mic and walk away. I. WOULD. DIE.

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