Monday Morning

This is the extent to which I am even speaking to the blog.  I am taking it back to the basics of the invention.  A journal.  No one is reading, and I have lost my soul, as it were.  I wrote because I loved it.  I read because I loved finding out there were people who were thinking about the same things I do.

I got all confused with writing to please a reader.  So they would come back.  Then I thought  I’d monetize.  But before I got to that I thought I’d participate with sponsors.  I am not good.  I am bad at it.  I freeze.

I guest posted.  I guess I did that wrong,too.  I think I was supposed to bust it out on social media more than I did. I didn’t hear back from them.

At this point, it’s hard to remember why I’m blogging. My delight went somewhere.  The blog is going back to basics.


After a big weekend, we are “at the school table”.  Inexplicably, I have known the answer to the questions, today.  The questions are seldom content based, but rather, a distraction from getting down to business(Touchdown “*Bleep*ville Twist-offs!).

There is only one orthodontist appointment, this week.  Only three scheduled in the next month; including surgery.

One child has decided what she wants to study for life!!!  Victory!  The week before, she was planning to live off mom and dad until a pop star or Small British Olympian swept her off her feet.  (Hard to do when they’re propped up on the couch.)  She wants to be a foreign language translator and is planning to study French, Spanish, and Chinese.  Which is awesome.

Over the weekend, we still had peaches from our trip to the roadside stand and needed to use them before they spoiled.  We made a cobbler and some preserves.

Future foreign language interpreter peeling peaches.

Add sugar and pectin.

Let sit 12-18 hours.  Cook down.  Pour boiling mixture into prepared jars. Cook in hot water bath boiling 15 minutes.

Caution: the recipe said it yielded 7 half pints. Try 11 and a half.

Again, a lot easier than I would have thought.

We had more peaches even than that, so the sister, who didn’t work on the preserves because she was mowing the whole yard* by herself for the first time, showered and made a peach cobbler that we shared with our small group yesterday.  It didn’t get a photo.  Sorry, but it just would have made your mouth water.  So, it’s probably for the best.



* Mickey is in a boot, so someone was going to have to step up and she did.





  1. jwilliams057 says:

    I see some signs of a couple of girls growing up in this post. Thinking about the future, helping around the house… Amazing. I go away (from reading) for a week and I come back to grown ups (on the way at least).

  2. A foreign language interpreter. Wow. I mean, I can barely spell all that out much less think about doing it. How cool is she…amazing.

    Don’t get frustrated and annoyed. For me, the blogging comes and goes. I enjoy it and it’s kinda like a therapy for me. But as soon as it starts feeling like a “job”…I find myself losing interest.

    Or at least not finding things to write about.

    Which ain’t fun.

    Go at your own pace. Do your own thing. It’s really all about making YOU happy. The rest just falls in place.

    Love. Lots too.

  3. Blogging in my therapy. I just embrace I’m not one of the cool blogs so I blog on. If nothing else, I know this pisses a handful of people off and that makes me smile. A lot. 🙂

  4. Blogging is funny business. Sometimes I get depressed about it b/c I wonder why I’m doing it and then other times I find myself constantly thinking “I have to blog about this”….I think the bloggers need to form a support group for therapy!! The peaches look totally awesome. And congrats on the daughter who is no longer waiting for the rock star to drop in! That’s a success. I have 4 kids so I’m hoping one of mine chooses the victory path too!

  5. I feel what you’ve been feeling. A lot. Which is why I took a break for nearly five months last spring. Don’t speak to please anyone but yourself, Maggie.

    Also? That cobbler looks DIVINE. Share?

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