Money Monday

When there was nothing, we knew to expect nothing.

Things have changed and everywhere I look I see things that need doing, doing right, right now.

I feel that we need to have just a little more money than we have.

Is it because the feeling of never having enough becomes so ingrained that it just doesn’t go away?  Like those people who lived through the Great Depression who can’t throw a bread tie in the trash.

We aren’t just living hand-to-mouth-and-putting-out-fires, but can actually make a plan.  I want to do it all.  I want it all in place. To. Day. It’s as if I am not the same person who wrote about life not handing us tidy packages.

The mountain of things that need updated, repaired, or restored constantly reminds me of the difficulties of the last couple of years.  I want to walk away and not think about it again.  As I write that, I realize, that I have to move through to restoration for the struggle to finish coming through to harvest.

The other part is.  There is a possibility we have enough to do them all in a few months, but I don’t remember how to figure that out.  I knew.  But I lost it. And how do you prioritize?  There are a lot of financial advisors, but they never deal with this situation.  Maybe it’s their nightmare, but there have  to be a lot of people in our situation.

I want to be steely-eyed and iron-willed about it.

The checker at the grocery store looked at my daughter on Saturday, and said,”Your mom knows what she’s doing.”

I’m glad someone thinks so.

What financial behaviors do you find to deliver the “most bang for the buck”?







  1. jwilliams057 says:

    I am a fan of lists. I don’t know much about managing money, but a list always seems a good place to start.

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