Quick. Random. Tuesday.

Choir Camp started yesterday.  They had a really good time.  They are so much less hyperactive than they were a year ago.  They weren’t going into a big unfamiliar group.  They KNOW the ropes.

Small Fry saw the new orthodontist who isn’t a nosehole yesterday and got an expander.  I get to turn it with a key every night.  To create more space.  Sound weird?  It is.  It was a tough day.  He had difficulty speaking and eating and it was irritating and there isn’t anything I can do.  We were both crying by the time we picked the girls up at camp.

Last weekend was sales tax holiday in our state.  We took off in the early afternoon and hit the thrift, consignment, mall, another consignment and Target.  Type A had her game face on. She made sure we didn’t waste any time. We made a haul.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  I tried, but the problem with ignoring the pain and moving on, is the mental exhaustion.  I don’t believe in prescription medication for long term use for things that aren’t specific.  For example, if you have Diabetes.  Or high blood pressure. TAKE YOUR MEDS.  But, “Here’s something to make you feel better,” isn’t okay.   Or like one doctor I saw after a fall, “What would you like?  An x-ray?  Pain medication?  What do you think you want?”  This shouldn’t be legal in my opinion. BECAUSE I’M NOT A DOCTOR.  However.  The issue is that I would rather know what is wrong before medicating it.  We were there in June.  When the PA said, “We won’t know what’s causing them until you have a few more.  So take this medicine and make them go away.”  IF I MAKE THEM GO AWAY, HOW WE GON’ FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY’RE LIKE?  Then the reaction from the meds, DID NOT MAKE ME INTERESTED IN MORE MEDS.

That’s all over now.  I have been in some kind of pain from distracting to ‘makes me bawl’, since June 16.  There are a lot of other symptoms, but without the pain they might be easily ignored.  I’m walking into the office and saying, I don’t care if the prescription is Camels and Cold Duck.  FIX THIS!

I’ve already started to stew about Halloween and our adult trick or treaters.  Or whether to give the kids candy and the adults tuna fish sandwiches.  The problem is, last year, it wasn’t just the meth addicted hookers asking for candy, it was well-groomed grandmothers.

The news is getting me down.  Way on down.  We have friends who are Sikh.  Other friends know someone who was in the theater in Aurora.  With 8 surgeries, they may save her leg.  She is alive.  I have run into friends crying.  They can’t tell me their stuff, but everywhere I turn, I see hearts on the knife.  That’s what I know.  For all we know, there’s so much we know we don’t.

I have some fears.  Deep and consuming.

I have to go get a shower.  Gotta be at camp in an hour. Yay for time apart camp.

If you need to reach me, a comment on the blog should suffice.

My cell is missing and presumed dead.



  1. I am so far behind on your life and I feel like the most miserable friend ever.

    I am so sorry.

    I’m trying to catch up.

    Anyway. Yes. I get that stuff with the doctors. Don’t ask ME what I want! You get the big bucks…not me dude!

    And I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner. Which means Thanksgiving and Christmas is basically here, too now. And I love the idea of tuna fish sandwiches…that is awesome!

    But now since you’ve reminded me how close we are to the holidays…I’m gonna go now and put my tree up.

    Love you. Tons.

  2. I just said today that I wish I could look into someone’s eyes and steal a little bit of their hurt so they don’t have to feel it anymore. I would totally do this for you if I could.

  3. Wow. You’ve been through some stuff, huh? I’ll add you and your loved ones to my prayers. And hooray for choir camp.

  4. I think this is why they call it a medical practice – because they are practicing on us. Does this hurt? Does it stop when I do this? How about now? Um, no thanks.

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