Random Saturday Gone Wild

Because you know I’ve had a hard time naming posts.

Do you ever think you are going to write on a topic and you start it and write it and work it and edit it and after days or even weeks hate it?

Not me.

Here are a collection of thoughts on topics unworthy of an entire post on their own. At this blog.  Unless I change my mind.

1) I just about had it with One Direction at this point.  I predicted the thing would come unraveled as they hit critical mass in their space launch to worldwide fame and ridiculous fortune.  It’s already beginning.  To redeem themselves in my book, they could:

a) Make a video showing One Dee and the girl they are about to use, cleaning house and enrolling in college.  Give the fans a housecleaning fantasy and we’re even.

b) Cover ‘Come on Eileen’.  If they do this, and they can come live here when they run out of money and join the U.S.-Triple-A-Baseball-and-Second-Rate-Casino Circuit.  If they do windows.  Don’t tell me there’s anything they won’t do.

2) Why don’t people just do things right?  I’ll tell you why.  Because we have gone over to a morality that says, “You can’t prove I knew it was wrong.”  I blame Caillou.

3)  I am not in a bad mood.  Just because it is the end of the day and you are tired, doesn’t mean I’m upset.  Don’t talk to me like a problem customer.  Your obligation to give quality customer service does’nt  end when something needs to be done and you don’t want to do it.  I don’t become a nuisance when I have an actual need that falls within the description of the services your organization provides.

4)  Every kid who picks up a piece of sports equipment is not a prodigy.  Whatever happened to hoping your kids would be healthy, well-rounded adults and helping them try a lot of stuff and choose what they like best–for work and for fun.    Sports are for fun, fitness, learning to get along with others in competition and otherwise.  Sports are not an important career to keep our country going.  Why do we act like every single child has a serious chance to distinguish themselves by athletic scholarship or pro contract?  If this kid is meant to be a chairman of the Federal Reserve, why make him a semi-pro athlete?  Mickey blames soccer.

5) Every mark made with a crayon is not art.  Every wave of a scarf is not dance.  You know this is true, because every bite of food you eat is not gourmet.  Every pair of pants you wear is not couture.  Until someone has studied and “paid their dues”, they are presumptuous and destroying what they claim to love by declaring,”It is so, because I will it.” Expose your kids to great culture, and see what they enjoy.  Don’t lie to them.  It seems to make them think the world owes them a positive review on every move they make….  It’s possible to be positive and encouraging without being dishonest.

6)  Groceries cost too freaking much.

7)  I have not been in a Target this year.  We had more money in the bank at the end of the month. I know a rocket scientist.  Maybe I’ll ask him to come over and help us figure out what’s going on.

8) The girls were in a fantastic production on MLK weekend, celebrating the civil rights movement and our region. They also met some godly young women who are outstanding role models.

9)  You may have noticed my new header. (It is coral, not pink.  I’m talking to you. Emma)  Please meet Tiffany of Tiffany Kuehl Designs.  She is nice, hardworking and talented.  If you are in the market for a design, you may want to follow her on Facebook.  Thanks so much, Shannon from the fantastic blog, Sweet Stella‘s for recommending her.

10)  Last week, Accidentally by Design was selected for Parent Society’s Mom Blog Hot List.  It was probably one of the most personally significant things I’d written in months.  For it to be recognized is the most lavish blessing.

11) For the hat trick, I was at The Kitchen Witch, yesterday.  *this is where you, the crowd, go wild*  This means several of my blog resolutions are already fulfilled.

12)  I rearranged furniture in the house.  I had forgotten my secret identity as a “Power Rearranger”.  It’s good to be back.  My suit has shrunk.

13) I hate the Super Bowl.  I like the Star-Spangled Banner, football, snacks and funny commercials.  It’s the pressure to care and the bare breasts and erection guitars I object to.  (See #2).

14) I did choose the Ravens as my team, earlier in the season.  I realized they are close to home and the only professional sports team I know that is named for a literary character.  That’s just hot.

15) Downton Abbey is the best show ever.

What are you thinking this weekend?



  1. Well, I’ll just say outright that it was a pleasure to have you! And now, I must comment on Caillou. That kid is the most FREAKing annoying whiner in the world. I am planning his demise as we speak. Maybe he’ll join One Direction and we can blow them up collectively?

    ps: must. know. what an erection guitar. is.

  2. I do not care at all about sports of any sort, or pop stars, and I wish they were not considered news worthy. The “news media” now seem to be in the business of creating celebrities rather than reporting on world, national, or local events. I’m not opposed to sports or entertainment shows, magazines, etc; I just wish that those stories stayed there and didn’t make headline stories in everything else.

  3. Downton Abbey is pretty dang good, but I must admit I’m getting kind of cross ways with Lady Mary.

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