Reaching the Limit

Good morning, Jesus;

It’s Sunday.

Time to get-together with Your people.

I gotta tell Ya.

We reach a point with folk, I think.

I know You’ll correct me if I am wrong.

Where we know all we care to know.

We don’t want to get any closer.

We prefer to extrapolate based on what patterns we can discern in the previous information we think we have.


To really know people there has to be a mutuality.

We are afraid if we get into relationships with them people will think we approve of them.

They are loose cannons or unknown quantities.

They feel judged and find another place to be.

Where the level of mutual revelation is comfortable.

Where there is not a ranking of super powers among members.

Where the reason we are here is still the actual Bible.

Where you go to people and say, “I heard this. Is it true?”

And the speculation and so forth is stopped.

Where the church is still a family.

Almost time to move on.

But not today.

You just let me know, though.

In Your name.


  1. Ooohhh, this is good.

    Especially this part: We are afraid if we get into relationships with them people will think we approve of them.

    True. But the older I get, I don't find that as true anymore. Only because I think if they lay their head down at night happy, more power to'em. Not enough people do that.

    Who am I to judge anyway?

    Really good stuff here.

    On another note. Look at you looking all hot with your new decor! I love it…the fancy font and all.


  2. Thanks!!!I am thinking of people who don't want to be in relationship with us because we are not "sunday school answer" people. It is about being real up in here. Not being "sunday school celebrities".

  3. I like your new look, Maggie!
    And when your church family doesn't feel like family anymore…definitely time to move on. Sad, though, isn't it?

  4. Been there.

    It's a tough place to be.

    But this will be in your rear view mirror one day. And you will be stronger and in a better place for it.

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