Ready? Oh-KAY!!!

I was never a cheerleader.  I would have said, “Jus’ sec’,” after the captain yelled, “Ready?”

That, and the fact that I can dance, but I struggle with choreography.  I took Beginning Jazz Dance at 7:30, my sophomore year of college.  I got a good grade based on attendance. The tiny instructor watched me dance and screwed up her face and after a second’s pause, shrugged and moved on.  All the steps were there, it just didn’t…  Len Goodman would call it “not a bit of musicality, whatevah.”

Join me at the Cowboy Bar, Len.  I’m calling you out.

Who am I kidding? I haven’t been in the Cowboy Bar in 22 years.  I’d prolly be scared to death.  What with all the children playing those games.

I digress.

A lot.

I think I’m coming out of the fog.  The pain, exhaustion, and stress.  In addition to an anti-inflammatory and physical therapy, one of the fantastic little pills I got from the doctor is “non-habit forming”.  And sleep, I have.  Every night for a week.

Without getting ahead of myself, I am starting to take an interest again.

A week ago, I couldn’t make a list.  People know I’m not myself when I can’t make a list.  Not a “To-Do”, not a grocery, not a “desperatelneededchorelistforthesekidswhothinkthisisacruiseship” list.  Even if I can’t follow it, I do derive an unnatural amount of pleasure from making it.

Yesterday, I made two lists- financial tasks and chores .

Today, I’ve already been stalking Pinterest for blogging tips.  Since BlogHer, there are millions hundreds a lot of “how to have a better blog” posts. I am planning on using several them to create a plan of attack.  For me, that means another list.

Yesterday, the doctor’s office called and said, “Keep taking that vitamin D.  Do you want to go ahead with the anti-depressants?”  I asked them to give me until my follow-up appointment to decide.  I guess this means I have to start doing all the things that keep people from feeling depressed when life is good.

That means…


I’ve been putting it off since 7th grade.


It’s not the remembering, it’s the stopping what I’m doing when I do remember.

Eliminating cane sugar.  Altogether.  It works.

With husband and kids in the house.

Eliminating caffeine.

Already underway.  We went to “half-caff”Thursday last week. And I’m drinking fewer cups.

Perhaps, I have come full circle in that the “sleep” med is in the anti-depressant class, but no longer prescribed for that because there are so many other more exciting anti-depressants, now.  I’m cutting them in half*.

It’s the same one I took 22 years ago.

I asked for relief and I got it.

Now, it’s time to get back in the game.


“I think so!”


*still sleeping and a little pissed that she’d prescribe something in that class when we agreed to wait.  At the first sign of inability to feel the funny, I’m out.








  1. Well, GREAT for you, Tutz! Glad to hear things are looking up and smoothing out a bit.

    And that little list you put together of the things you need to do…I could probably duplicate that list. I exercise and that’s about it. And it’s not even on a regular basis.

    Since you mentioned coffee…well, I’ll just start tomorrow on doing better with that.

    =) Love you.

  2. I love the one I take for sleep. It doesn’t do anything for mood so I’m not even sure why it is classified as an anti-depressant, but man will it help you fall asleep at night.

    I too love lists. I have three active ones that are actually written down and then several more stuck up in my head that I tend to forget about.

  3. Good luck on all your changes in life. Some will be harder than others but I’m sure you will succeed.

  4. Glad things are getting sorted out in your life! I was never a cheerleader either – I was the field hockey, softball, track person. My twin sister was the pom pom girl and it used to piss me off when people would get us confused – I was like “do you look like a pom pom girl to you?!” Hugs!

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