Sandals, Flip-flops, or Barefoot.

When guests visit the youth group, they ask some get acquainted questions.  There are 30 questions, and the guests call out a number and they ask that question.  They’re all silly fun, but one is: Sandals, Flip-flops, or Bare feet?

When I was a kid, the whole school year, you wore shoes.  In kindergarten, I still wore corrective shoes.  Yeah, I said it.

Corrective.  Shoes.

Shut up.

My mom favored Buster Brown even after I didn’t have to have the correction anymore.

At one point, I had some red Keds with rubber toe caps.

When the winter began to melt away.  The day came when you could be out without taking a windbreaker in the first place.

Maybe in March, but maybe not until April.  There came that day.

“Do we have to wear shoes?”

“If you think it’s warm enough.”


Of course, it never, ever, was and we went anyway.

I didn’t look forward to sandals.

Flip-flops were what people wore in public showers and locker rooms to keep from getting athlete’s foot.

We waited all winter.

To go barefoot.  On the new grass.

Ooh, sorry.





  1. That is such a kid thing! I remember running around with out shoes in the grass- especially after a rain when it was still somewhat muddy and squished between your toes……

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