Saturday Night on the Big Town…

If anybody’s out there…  and not out sipping a Dos Equis and being interesting, “Psst.”

I’m about to wrap ‘er up for this week.

Got robbed.

Updated our life insurance.  (Turns out, it costs more to insure people in their mid-forties than in their late twenties.  Apparently, my stupidity didn’t offset my robust good health in my 20s, and yet, my increased wisdom and caution, earned from a lot of non-fatal hard knocks, doesn’t seem to cover the spread where my statistical likelihood of dropping dead is concerned. Ironic.)

Freaking Algebra, need I say, not done?  I’m getting desperate enough to do what I should have done in the first place.  Nothing.  Not one entertainment of any description.  Not so much as a word search or the restful quiet of a solitary poop. UNTIL IT IS DONE.

Power was out for about 4 hours last week.  At the moment my anxiety about my “first world problems” was about to spin out of control.  It came back on.  Whew.  I don’t know what might have happened if Mickey would have had to sleep without his fan.  Or what if I needed to call…  an ambulance.


Cat pees in places that are not his box.

We need phones.  Mine has a crank on the side.  All the paint’s off Mickey’s.  Who knew they painted them?  Not me.  The girls need them so they will stop bugging me to get one.  The relative weight of the responsibility/annoyance conundrum, has shifted.

We looked at a car. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a little while.  Seats 8. Integrated child seat.  My motor’s running already.

1D.  Every time they watch a You Tube video, they are all,”What does that mean?”  I’ll tell you what it means!  Harry likes sex.  Not cats. (Brits!  He uses cat instead of the P word.)

It’s been a strenuous week.  I am about to put this one in the can.  It’s a wrap.

Up in the pipeline?

-the aforementioned cultural lockdown per unfinished business.

-registration for the coming school year.

-lesson planning so we can start so we can finish (aim high, I know.)

-audition distractions from the boy band.

Good Night. The quicker I end today, the quicker I get to tomorrow.

Thanks for being quiet coming in from your fabulous party.











  1. I am enjoying your blog!
    Sounds like you had a busy week; best wishes for a great one this week.

  2. Life insurance stinks….I’m glad your power finally went on!

  3. Oh, Lord. I panicked for a slight second at Got Robbed.

    Then I saw. Life insurance. Yep. I’d believe it. Amazing how that stuff works, huh?

    A new car, eh?? Sounds niiiiice. My fingers are crossed for y’all! I know you’d love having something like that and well, you’d be buzzing around town looking all hot and stuff. =)

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