SITS Girls #Blogtober: Pinterest Food Link-Up

…and a title with more SEO than Kim Kardashian’s Aesthetician.

If you have not been participating in #Blogtober with the SITS girls, QUICK, get over there and link yourself up!

Today’s link-up is: ” ….[L]inkup either your favorite recipe pin or a board of recipes you have on Pinterest… “This can give you the opportunity to link up a post you may have written with a recipe and then pinned.  Or you can just share the recipe love.  Your choice.”

Here is my recipe board.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles are my first and best Pinterest treasure.

Link to original blog

When we made these, we had a little extra glaze leftover, and put it on everything trying to recapture the magic.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking and you’re right.  It was like Spaulding Smails drinking the dregs of the abandoned drinks in the country club dining room. Ugly and desperate loser-ish.  We were addicted and started a little 12 step group.  Waffles Anonymous.

We’re doing okay.

Thanks for caring enough to ask.

I’ve pinned my own adventure in Salsa making.

photo credit: ME

I have several pinned that are household favorites.  I featured several of them in this post.

And just yesterday, I started doing something crazy.  ‘Member when we used to have to rip recipes out of magazines?  Or articles that we wanted to save?  Or pictures of decorating ideas?


I’m searching them on the magazine website and pinning them.  To remind me.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you over there.






  1. Pinterest is so much fun.

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