Sitting Around Here On Sunday

The last several days have been a blur.

Small Fry had surgery on Wednesday.

You should have been there when he got his “happy juice”.  Dude was a circus.  Falling all around the bed.  Heiny in the sky. Fortunately, we didn’t follow the nurse’s initial request to have him remove his underdrawers (and the anesthesiologist said,”He’s having surgery on his mouth.”  Go, Sister.)

After about 40 minutes, he asks for his Sudoku book and goes to work.  He did 4 or 5 answers before his mind wandered again.  They were RIGHT.

I can’t even do Sudoku sober.


For the last several days, we have been in maintenance mode.  Which is not to say, household maintenance mode.

So we made the call today that he really needed to sit this one out.  We just couldn’t say that turning him over to his mates wouldn’t either hurt his little soul because he wouldn’t be able to join the fray or , more likely, that the modified fun wouldn’t still result in overdoing if not aggravation of the surgical site.

Blah Blah Blah.

I couldn’t wait for the door to swing shut behind Mickey and the girls so I could sink into this organizational planning time.

Pinterest, I love hate love you.

So with Pinterest still open, I opened a couple of organization books that I’ve recently downloaded.

So there’s a volatile domestic cocktail beginning to fizz.  Sitting neck deep in my own filth, Pinterest showing me everyone else’s best case scenario, and organization ideas aimed straight at me….

I begin to squirm.


I leap off the couch.

And do this:

One Good Thing by Jillee via

Yes, friend, I cleaned my dishwasher.  I am ashamed in direct proportion to the sludge around the door gasket.


Next, I ran upstairs and did this:

confessions of a wisconsin housewife via Pinterest

It seems to have delivered as promised.  My skin feels great and I can’t stop touching it. The only thing is, neither my eyebrows, nor my bone structure look a thing like that.  Maybe I need to move to Wisconsin.


Then, while the above was working on my face, I did this:

ecokaren via Pinterest

Seriously, the front-loading “high efficiency” washer is like a punishment for reducing my environmental footprint.  I will be returning to a top loader at the first possible opportunity.

Then, with drains gurgling away, I sat down here to brag post for today.  I linked all the above to the original websites, not to Pinterest.  I really have been thinking, it does no good to pin stuff you never intend to do, and some things you just have to jump in with both feet.  Like using cloth diapers, learning to use chopsticks, adoption and blogging.

What things have you taken the plunge and started? How did you use your big, wide open Sunday?



  1. I have never, ever thought about cleaning my dishwasher. Interesting.

  2. One day I will do at least one of the bazillion things I have pinned. One day.

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