So Good to Know

It is so good to know…

…there are forces at work outside myself…

…I am not the author and finisher of my faith.

(I mean, really.)

…where my kids are.

…why all this is happening.

…It has nothing to do with cause and effect or consequences or any of that.

…Sure, it is testing, trying, shaping, growing, creating in me a determination to finish.

…I have all I need to complete the course.

…I belong to the winning team. (Even if only as a mat maid).

…That faith is the victory.


This day has gone from bad to worse in ways that are beyond all comprehension.  Not in catastrophic ways, but in a hundred little ways that make you want to scream or cry or kick the dog.

I no longer live there.

One step forward and three steps back?

That’s fine.

I may kick the dog tomorrow, but while it is still called today.

I will sing.

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