Always With Me

In brilliant sky, spectacular color, the sun is setting.

A woman, impressive in neither shape or movement, steps to the edge of a bluff over the sea.

bare feet on grass cultured by sea spray and fog.

face to the breeze.

She stands alone.

You are here.  She says.

And in the whisper of the grass,

The nearby thunder of the surf,

The brilliance of the sky,

The brother father lover touch of the breeze on her skin,

He answers.  Yes.

Safe.  She bows in surrender.

The fight has been too much.

Thank You, Father, for meeting me here.  For the exquisite beauty with which You surround me.  For never letting me stop learning.  Never laying “Project Me” aside.  Thank You for answering my fear with victory.

Oh, Daddy, this week has been hard.  To keep my grip on the vision.  Everything wants to snatch it away. Secure it to me. Bring it to safe completion.  Keep it from contamination or dilution.

Teacher, I am such a slow student to apply the lessons.  Thank You for bringing me back into the school of Your love. Again.

Beloved, thank You for the message of Your pleasure and delight in my form and performance.  Your cleansing my deepest souls stains.  Healing persistent wounds.  Whisper promises You will fulfill.  To thrill

Arms wide with joy.

Hair in tangles.

Taste of salty tears.

Filled. Healed. Winsome. Wild.


The Lord your God is among you,

a warrior who saves,

He will rejoice over you

with gladness,

He will bring you quietness

with His love.

He will delight in you

with shouts of joy.

(Zephaniah 3:17 HCSB)






  1. Pure love.

    This is. And you.

    Pure, pure love.

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