Take It Where You Find It

Cleaned the big bathroom today.  Best my mood has been in a week or two.  If that isn’t a crying shame, I don’t know what is.

The children are happy and jovial.  Except the one.  At a time.

The days leading up to Christmas are soooooo long.

So, back to the bathroom…

I browned up 5 pounds of hamburger meat.  I got four pounds of meat for the freezer and waaaaay more than a pound of ugly fat.  At any rate, it went into the freezer.  Ready to go for next time I need to start with a pund of browned ground round.

No, that wasn’t the bathroom.  What I meant to say  was that chores seem to make me happy.

I mopped.  The. Floor.

I cleaned the light fixture.

Scrubbed behind the commode.

Made “spaghetti”.  Not in the bathroom.

Took the children to Target to shop for friends.  Saw some people who go to my church.  They looked the same as they did on Sunday.

If we could have Christmas without the break.  A little cooped up.  They aren’t as cute without breaks. I learn more about their world view.  How they come across to friends.

What not.


Teens are such a blessing.  Let no one tell you otherwise.

We were praying for a friend today in the car.  It was keeping me from flipping people off in traffic.  I hope that is not offensive; either way, it’s the fact.

I digress.

I realized that we all have stuff.  Some of us have basic hard times.  Others carry dark secrets.  Life is no joke.

I stopped what I was discussing with the Lord long enough to ask Him that with all my faults and failures, the things I do right or well.  Could he please give me but this one thing.  That we have a house where you can own your medals of honor and don’t have to fear to ask for help for your wounds or be ashamed of your failures. 

What I failed to emphasize in that dreary post yesterday, is that a friend prayed for me Friday and I suddenly realized I was whining about a party.  My kids are healthy, my husband is employed.  I needed to pull up my big girl panties and shut up and party.  There are people who have a much harder thing going on than us.

 I don’t know.

The bathroom is clean.

Life is full of delight.


  1. I hate chores. But I get this. Because today I made cookies. Lots of cookies.

  2. Don't worry. I probably flipped off enough drivers today for the both of us.

    I got your back, sister.

    FAB read. Makes lots of sense. And you're right. God knows I tend to forget about how I should be grateful for so many things and to quit whining about crap. I get that. You make complete sense.

    I love you now, but would love you way more if you'd clean MY bathroom. I keep my little home pretty spotless. EXCEPT for the bathroom.

    It's gross.

  3. Cleaning makes me happy too! 😀

  4. Some days there's just nothing better than a clean bathroom.

  5. I like to cook….the bathroom can grow mold but the stove and oven…I love when they're in use. Makes me smile.

  6. Teens are a blessing – because they teach you how incredibly strong you can be!!!! Your days sound like mine – cooking, cleaning – and not in organized time frames. I hate cleaning but love when the cleaning bug hits me and then I love it. Right now, we're recouperating from all the cooking and cleaning.

    But, the one thing, the most important thing that you talked about "own your medals of honor and don't have to fear to ask for help for your wounds or be ashamed of your failures" – God wants us to help wash out your wounds, to encourage you to see your failures as a step closer to your dreams – and to see the medals of honor you already have but don't see!

    Just now, when you said,"Teens are such a blessing" – that earned you a medal of honor – especially when you see the blessing inside teens who are hiding it, don't know it's there but need to be shown it.

    God wants those wounds made whole, dear friend! MADE WHOLE and nothing less. Sometimes it just takes time for us to let Him do it – kind of like trying to get a splinter out of a child's hand.

    Wishing you joy and blessing in your New Year!

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