Thanks, Red Carpet Guys

Last night, at time for Funniest Videos, I turned the TV on.  Lucky me. I need to entertain a restless 6 year-old.  What do I get? There was Russell Brand and his Ma–she, being an excellent example of “how to support your kid no matter what”, and he, being himself.  That’s right.  The pre-game for the Academy Awards. Oh well, 6o Minutes was not going to fill the bill any better.

It turned out to be a good thing.  They did something for me they meant to deliberately NOT do.  In fact, they bank on not providing this kind of experience. Thanks, Red Carpet Guys, for making me feel better about my appearance.

Yes.  That’s what I said. 

Someone on the Red Carpet looked at least as good as I looked going to church yesterday morning. This is not my opinion.  It is fact.  You saw it, too.  Right?

The first one is an actress I have long admired for no reason. If you were watching, you noticed, too.  I don’t even have to say her name.  Her medium length hair may have seen a brush, but in no way a curling iron or a flat iron.  Hmmm.

“No biggie”, I thought, “She is just not the drop dead glamor type”.

Next up, “No Name Interviewer Gal”, calls the actress with whom she is speaking, “One of the most glamorous women here”.  Then asks, “Which is most important, Jewelry, Hair, Makeup, or Gown?”  (Really?  I bet the actress thought so too, but I digress.)  SOMEBODY, spent thousands of dollars on a dress and about $48 on the rest.  Her non-descript accessories could have come from Claire’s in the mall.

I could have jumped for joy.  From the neck up, either woman appeared suitably made up to sit in my living room with a cup of hot tea and a bored six year-old.  Apparently, these lucky glamor icons have made it so big they can now choose to show up on the Oscar Red Carpet made up like a middle aged, middle class, middle-sized housewife from middle America.


Were you there?  Did you see it?  Can you name the actresses?


  1. I'm not sure who you are referring to but if I were them and I had a ton of money I would wear a tux. I love suits on women and it's simple. Doesn't take a whole lot of effort. That would so be my thing! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving the sweet comment! 🙂

  2. I had a look at some pics from the Oscars and did no one really care about their hair? I mean, come on??

    Though it did make me feel good about myself too, lol.

    Just found your blog! 🙂

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