The Neglected Path

I always struggled to keep a consistent schedule on the blog.  A post routinely took a couple of hours to put together.  Usually.  Not today.  Blah. Blah. Blah.

I wrote to have an adult conversation.  I wrote to get it off my chest.  I wrote to practice.  Something.  I never could organize my thoughts well.  Which turned out not to be my fault.

Many, many times, I wrote to figure out what exactly I was thinking.

To run the truth to ground.  To put a bit finer point on it.

Once I figured out what ‘it’ was.

The path to the blog was well-worn.

Now, it’s overgrown.  Choked with weeds.

Everyday life, my source of ideas, took a turn.  What we dealt with wasn’t entirely mine to share.  What was mine, I didn’t want to look at for one more second than was necessary to work through it.

The truths I discovered felt as though they were for me alone.  Which is never the case, but that’s how it felt.

I didn’t feel like writing. There were just some hard things.  The world has enough of that.

So I more or less just quit.

There was a bit of a burst at the new year.  But then everyone got the flu at the same freaking time.

Then the weather.

GAH.  The weather.

The tide has turned.  There are good stories to tell.  Love to share.  Teens to poke fun at.  Fun to be had.  Even incriminating photos.

Today, I’m out with my lucky machete.  Taking a hack at the path.

Be there soon.








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