The Voice: Did You Hear It?

Did you watch?

Last night, a television show called “The Voice” debuted on NBC.  The premise:  Judges have their backs to the contestant as s/he sings.  Based on the sound of the voice alone, judge/coaches decide whether to ask the person to join their team.  Then they turn around to see the performer.

The judge/coaches are famous singers representing a variety of styles and genres.  No ‘also-rans’ or ‘B-listers’.  It was great, and yes, I let my girls stay up until 11:00 eastern.  I was so glad I did.

Did you see them?  Did you think of us?  Did you think,”Ooh, I am gonna get an earful on the blog in the mid-afternoon tomorrow?”

A young man named Tje (like Tye) Austin sang “Just the Way You Are” ( Bruno Mars, not Billy Joel). Check it out here.

It has nothing to do with his talent or his selection of coach Cee Lo Green (of “Forget You” fame).

When he popped out of the studio and landed on his mom and dad, Carson Daly looked on for only a moment before he invited himself into the hug and declared, “I want to be in this family”.

What family is that, Carson?

The adoptive family.  The one with the kid who calls himself a nerd and goes out and follows his dream.  The family who grab each other and hold on when they share their joy.  The family who are not fooling anyone into thinking they are bio.

Now, I know Carson probably loves his mom to death.  He was just overcome for a moment.

Just so you know…there was a bit of fist bumping round the living room.

And I am dying to meet his mom. 



  1. I LOVED it!!! It's so much better and less shallow (so far) than A/I. I cried (only a little) when the story above happened and also for the dad who sang "Time After Time" and his two little girls were there!! So positive 🙂

  2. I did watch the show, and I loved it. Before they ever showed his face I knew because they were making a big deal about it. All I thought was that it was great they all loved each other so much and were obviously a family. And his parents were obviously, and rightly so, very proud of him.

  3. I was wondering what happened to Carson! I really like him. I used to watch his show sometimes, then it was like he just dropped off the earth. Glad to hear he's back. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, that last bit brought tears to my eyes!

    That's the only part of the show I really wish I'd seen. I have my hands full with Dancing with the Stars (an all-consuming obsession in our family, 3 generations of it).

    Followed you here from Momma Made It Look Easy!


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