This Is The Wine

I never understood that verse in the Bible that said:

And no one puts new wine into old wineskins.  Otherwise, the skins burst, the wine spills out, and the skins are ruined.  But they put the new wine into fresh wineskins, and both are preserved.*

I’ve been blessed with faithful, gifted Bible teachers, none of whom ever explained this verse in a way I could understand.

Until, just a few weeks ago.

Until life was divided into: Before. After and Until.

Until it was my time to know.

Until, I tasted new wine.  At first, it was bitter; went down rough as Night Train.

When Jesus makes the wine, it’s good**.  Our tears are all the water He needs.  There isn’t anything else to drink.

“This is the cup.  Drink it in recognition of Me.”***

“No, thanks.  I’ll pass.”

This season is desperately thirsty.  The drink, at turns, bitter and sweet.  He stands by his vintage and offers the best.  The familiar cup is shattered.  The new one exquisitely filled.

Wine wasn’t just a choice among beverages in Jesus’ time.  It was Medicine.  Hydration.  Celebration. Sacrifice.  And, yes, he warned us we could hurt ourselves with it.

Life is entirely new wine.  For living day to day.  For marking important milestones. For healing.  For pouring out to Him; in obedience, waiting to satisfy our own thirst. The pain is as much of the flavor, as the moment He holds your face and kisses you.  Like a Father.  Brother.  Bridegroom…

Oh…that wine.

One thing is certain.  The wineskins, that have served up until now, are obsolete.  They’re dangerous.

There’s no question of doing things the same way as before.  There is no question of relating to one another the same way.  The rules have changed.****

If we try to go back to the old ones, the skins will burst and it will all be wasted.

If we use fresh wineskins, we don’t waste the value of the gift, freely given*****– the savor, the Spirit, the smoothness, the swallow.

Not one thing will be wasted.

*Matthew 9:17

**John 2:1

***Matthew 26:39 (recognition is subbed for remembrance, per  .)

****2 Corinthians 3:5-8

****Isaiah 5:1-2


  1. Beautiful Maggie. Thanks for writing. I never understood that verse either.

  2. Life is entirely new wine.

    I always learn something from you. I wish I had the time to read every day…but you know how that goes. But when I take the time and I look you up, something always hits me right in the heart.

    Right where it should hit me.

    You’re love. Pure love.

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