Thoughts On the Vote

I wasn’t on Facebook at the last election time, and, I’m not gonna lie, I got a real education this time around.  Dems shouting out their position.  Republicans bellowing theirs.  Not a lot of grace in between.

Yesterday, I sort of dreaded today.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I was tired and couldn’t imagine NOT wanting to go to bed forever.  That happens to me.  If I’m too tired, and you say, “Okay, if you won the lottery and gave to your church and paid off all your debts; what would you do?”  My answer would be, “Go to bed.”  That’s how I am when I’m tired.

But I read a few things and began to feel a real conviction.  Righter about my choice.  No matter that I felt and still do feel, my party could surely have come up with a better candidate.  Mickey and I looked at each other and said, “Time to go cast your vote for the lesser of two unacceptable choices.”

I felt better.  And I felt like I was proud of my tribe, if I can call them that.  Not my family tribe, but the Social Media Tribe of whom I am privileged to sit just outside the firelight and listen to.  WIth few exceptions, they were realistic, honest and balanced.  Little meanness or even chilly manners were to be detected.

My natural environment.  The IRL and online assembly of my acquaintances, was…

let’s just say, slightly more confrontational.

I was less proud to be affiliated.

Except for a State Rep race in my area, I stayed silent.

What no one seemed to say is that it’s great to be an American.

There are places in the world where you enter the polling place and they tell you who you’re voting for, and that candidate always wins.  There are other places where the guy whose friends can kill the most innocent people, gets to be president.  There are all different kinds of ways to get a leader.

And by leader, I mean a guy who calls himself ‘head cheese’, who lives in luxury while his people live in squalor.  A man who lives a lawless immoral life and has the opposition shot.

We aren’t there yet.  Our freedoms are weakening because as a nation we all have our pet entitlements.  We also vote based on one or two issues rather than the whole package a candidate brings to the job.

That’s the quirky thing about freedom.  We’re free to be uninformed.  Free to vote based on moral rather than legislative questions. Free to vote for whomever our favorite celebrity is voting for.  We’re free to make the choices that slowly strangle the system our founding fathers intended.

Is it the greatest nation ever?

Puh. Yeah.

Does it have to stay that way?  Not if we sacrifice wisdom for fun or popularity, or free stuff on the internet.

We are free to choose to live for today or for tomorrow; You know, tomorrow; it’s where your grandkids live.

Yeah.  I’m preaching to the choir.  And also to me.




  1. I love that you went for a tricky topic, with all heart. 🙂

  2. I wish people would put more thought into their choices. ALL of the choices and not the grand poobah. I don’t care who anyone votes for. I just want them to have well thought out reason for doing it.

  3. The vitriol was (and is) exhausting. I second the longing for bed…

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