Today’s Laugh.

The best thing I heard today…  aside from my friend’s nearly endless stories of having mice in her house.

And aside from how ridiculously awful Wal-Mart is everyday.  Everyday.

And how pleased my son and I were to get a free bag of popcorn at the mom and pop hardware store that had the freaking rat traps I needed.

The girls were telling about stories they acted out in Advanced Comp…

(Acting out stories?  In Advanced Comp? WTW?)


Mercy’s group had to act out a story that involved Ellen DeGeneres and Alicia Keys in a plane that was falling from the sky.

As the story goes, the passengers are informed that the plane has lost all power and will crash. Alicia becomes hysterical because she can’t die because she has a concert.  In her hysteria, her mascara runs all down her face and she is just a mess.  At this point, Ellen comforts her fellow celebrity and helps her get a grip on herself.  Once Alicia is calmer and they are able to talk, Ellen passes Alicia a coupon for some good waterproof Cover Girl mascara. Alicia receives it with pleasure.

The plane crashes and they all die.

Every time I think about Ellen giving Alicia that coupon…



  1. At least she left this world knowing she would have a streak free face and saved a few cents in the process.

  2. I love the coupon touch.

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