Top Ten Favorite Things About Fall 2012

Fall has been my favorite season, since, probably always; but really since we lived in our first home high on a hill and with a spectacular view from a large bay window.  I’ve loved blogging about Fall all this week with SITS, and today, Mama Kat’s prompt 5 is “tell your top ten favorite things about Fall this year.”  The real challenge with this one, is limiting myself to ten, so without further ado:


1)  back to school.    It’s the smell of new crayons and the clean slate of new classes.  It’s seeing how your friends have changed since last year.  It’s the sweetness of silence when they are at the co-op and I can go to the Target without them.  I should be more academic, and I used to be.  But that’s me.  This year.

2) football season. With the big TV playing one game, black and white playing another; both with the sound turned down, and the radio playing a third, I’d sometimes drift off to sleep somewhere near Grandad.  The junior high band rendition of “Another One Bites the Dust”, can hit me like a flashback at dusk when the weather is cool.

3) shorter days.  I just realized that one thing I look for to signal the approach of Fall is the first time I’m aware of an earlier sunset.  It’s difficult to describe the pleasure of knowing we’re “in for the night.”  It’s cozy.  Or something.

4) cooler temperatures.  Summer in our area is like a “sauna of shame” because I think of hell as having a dry heat(which makes no sense at all because…seriously, “I may be in hell, but I’m having a good hair day!”?).   I no longer drag out all my sweaters at the dip in the temps, but I am more thrilled than ever.

5) warm mugs.  You hear a lot about Pumpkin Spice Latte. They’re probably really good. I like my coffee black, my tea unsweet, and when I don’t need anymore of either one, I’ve been known to heat a cup of water.  I like the feel of the mug.

6) wood smoke.  Someone’s burning a fire. Smells like the holidays.

7) hauling out the fall wardrobe.  The colors, textures and changes are inspiring.  It’s a little like taking a big shopping trip, because suddenly, I’m free from those same three outfits.

8) changing leaves. We live near a popular destination for “foliage tours”(as Grandma Rush used to call them).  It’s spectacular. I didn’t appreciate them when I was younger.

9) anticipation and preparation. All these things signal the approach of the holiday season.  It’s time to start thinking ahead to decorations, menus, memories and surprises.  I need a notebook.

10) thanksgiving.  The holiday, but so much more.  I find myself grateful for our cozy home, snuggly clothes and warm mugs, the view, the bite of the breeze and the smell of wet leaves.  It’s easier now than any other part of the year.  That’s probably why I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner from Turkey to Pumpkin Pie.  It’s the countenance of thankfulness.

I’m linking this post with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, for which I am also thankful.




  1. Fall is such a wonderful time of year…great list! 🙂

  2. Mmmm.. I agree.. the taste, feel, smells, sights and sounds of Fall are delightful. The other night while walking the dog, I could smell a fire. Just the smell alone gave me such comfort:)

  3. I think James’ favorite season will be fall too. He has already asked me to make him a pumpkin pie. Although I think he will be sad when the time changes and he is forced to come inside sooner.

  4. bigguysmama says:

    Ok, i totally forgot about Thaknsgiving on my list. UGH! I like back to school for the one day of “me” time…when I can do blogging and online stuff with no guilt. lol I love summer heat here in MN so the changing temps don’t thrill me at all. I love the smell of wood burning and the feel of a coffee cup in my hands! =)

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